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- By Goldenfrenzy [gb] Date 09.03.17 09:44 GMT
Just wondered if anyone elses dog is more "hyper" and difficult when out on walks in very windy weather.  Or is it just my crazy one year old boy?
- By compassion [gb] Date 09.03.17 10:07 GMT Upvotes 2
but who's the crazy one really wanting to go out in all that bad weather  :grin:
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 09.03.17 10:31 GMT
When you think how powerful a dogs nose is, it must blow their minds when 'scent' is being wafted about by windy weather :lol:
- By RozzieRetriever Date 09.03.17 10:50 GMT
The dogs are fine, but I always used to dread windy weather when I was teaching because the kids were always more hyper and bonkers!! :eek:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 09.03.17 10:53 GMT
yep ! more one than the other but then we say the same about children to. In school the windy days always seemed to increase hyped up children
- By Brainless [gb] Date 11.03.17 07:12 GMT
no, dogs seem to love it with the wind up their  bums, and even my oldies are not immune to the 'Mad March Hair' effect.
- By poodlenoodle Date 11.03.17 08:45 GMT Upvotes 1
I wouldn't say mine is difficult in windy weather but certainly he is more alert, excitable and "hyper". Many horses are this way too and he is very like a little horse (standard poodle, up on his toes, neck arched, jogging sideways down the street like a little welsh stud flashing his looks on his way to work!). It makes sense to me, on windy days they can smell and hear things from much farther away, it must be so exciting.
- By Trialist Date 21.03.17 15:30 GMT
Hyper yes, just as kids get hyper on windy days! Used to hate teaching the lesson after break on a very windy day ;)
- By Shoe-dweller [gb] Date 21.03.17 16:50 GMT
Urgh, yes! Bottom set year nine, period five, on a day after a wet break, with gale force winds. Makes the classroom reek too! Damp blazers and soggy teenagers. Nice
- By Jessica B Date 02.04.17 22:03 GMT
I wouldn't know about dogs but I know horses often get wound-up in windy weather... can't say I've ever noticed it with my dogs though!!
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