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- By daisymai [gb] Date 04.03.17 14:45 GMT
Good afternoon all,
We lost our Golden retriever 13months ago and are now looking to rescue one. We don't want a new born but are looking for one maybe 1 to 6 years of age.
Myself and Husband are both retired and at home all day, our dogs always holiday with us, loving home, plenty of walks across fields.
We live in Leicestershire, Tel 01455 554823. Would love to hear from anyone who knows of a Goldie wanting a new home.
Many thanks
- By Jodi [gb] Date 04.03.17 16:09 GMT Upvotes 2
Have you contacted Golden Retriever rescue?

it may be worth looking at the breeders listed on Champdogs that are in your area and contacting them. It's just possible they may have a dog that needs a home or know of someone else. Most breeders will take back dogs they have bred if the owners no longer are able to care for them and you may get lucky and find a goldie that way.
Good luck in your search, lovely dogs, I'm on my fourth.
- By RozzieRetriever Date 04.03.17 16:21 GMT Upvotes 2
You could try Happy Paws who rescue goldies, (I've heard theyre highly recommended) or the golden retriever clubs usually have a rescue section. Good luck with your search.
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