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- By barneysmum [gb] Date 03.03.17 14:57 GMT
Hello again - this does sort of carry on a bit from previous post about our puppy being "aggressive" - and thanks again for the advice.  However, still not making much progress on stopping the biting (us!) which as she is growing is becoming more of a pain (literally!).  One thing we have noticed is a bit of a pattern sometimes in that she will start once she's gone onto her back (even if she's positioned herself like that) - then there will be the whale eye - rubbing her paws down the side of her eyes/face and then snap snap!  Have been searching doggy gestures but cannot see anything about the paw rubbing (it's like a human rubbing their eyes) - has anyone seen this before and has an idea if it has any bearing on the biting?  Thanks again.
- By Goldmali Date 03.03.17 15:45 GMT Upvotes 1
Fairly typical play for some dogs, I have both adults and pups that do the face rubbing with paws whilst on their backs. Nothing to do with biting. You said EVEN if she has put herself in that position, does that mean she is sometimes put on her back?  That's very threatening for a pup and even in play, a pup on its back is very likely to bite if touched when on its back; it's what they do with their litter mates.
- By barneysmum [gb] Date 03.03.17 16:37 GMT
No we don't put her on her back I meant when she rolls over - sorry to confuse the issue, wrong phrasing.
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 03.03.17 22:44 GMT
Both of mine put themselves on their backs; one does it just for belly rubs and will stay still ... forever;  the other does it for belly rubs BUT will do the face paw, also nibbles himself, me, other pup (now actually an adult)  he also has a cheeky look in his eye at times when doing this, and lots of other times too :)

To me there's a huge difference between biting as a defence, or possible aggression, and nibbling, mouthing etc as some form of comfort/connection (pardon the pun). 
I'm happy with what my 2 do re mouthing but licking inside my ears drives me mad and is taking an awful lot of work to stop without frightening my 14 month pup and not have to get up every time he dives on me to do this.  Some things are really hard to stop, especially if done during our/your 'down time' but I think if you check whether it's aggression or excitement or loving  can make it easier for you all to stay calm and be friends.

Sorry I've no real pracictal help but I believe emotional responses matter such a lot too.
- By JeanSW Date 05.03.17 23:45 GMT
Pawing the face often points to teeth problems.
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