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- By snowflake [gb] Date 02.03.17 22:45 GMT
I have a Mini Schnauzer puppy who is just 11 weeks and weighs 2.9kg.  I have only had him for a few days as his previous owner had to part with him for personal reasons.  He is a lovely lively pup who was fed by his original breeder on Skinners,  not a dog food I am familiar with.  I was given what was left of the bag of Skinners which is now nearly gone so I have been gradually changing it over to JWB puppyfood (kibble) mixing it with a small amount of wet food.  Could anyone give me some idea of the amount daily I should be giving him,  at the moment I have been giving him three meals a day.  Someone told me today that at his age he should be having 4 meals a day.  He is a good eater and has just had his second vaccination.

Thanks all.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 03.03.17 07:07 GMT
Yes I would still have him on 4 feeds per day. There should be guidelines on the bag which will tell you how much to feed based on his current age and approximate adult weight,  just now base it on a 3 month old puppy but remember to increase this soon as he gets older.  When you change to 3 meals you need to increase the amount contained in each feed (sorry if this seems obvious but you'd be amazed at the number of people who get this wrong and start to underfed when they reduce the number of meals). The bag is a guideline only so of you feel he is getting too heavy/light then adjust accordingly or if his stools are loose, this can be as a result of over feeding.  A tip I have heard and that I get give to puppy buyers is to feed the dog in front of you and not the one on the packet.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 03.03.17 07:12 GMT Upvotes 3
Oh and please get in touch with his breeder, any decent breeder would be horrified that one of their precious babies had been sold/moved on within weeks of it leaving and would be keen to keep in touch with you.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 03.03.17 10:35 GMT Upvotes 1
Yes I was going to say the same,  as a breeder I'd be heartbroken and worried,  and would certainly want contact.
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