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- By Billyham20 [gb] Date 27.02.17 17:15 GMT

We are a married couple in our 40's - no children - and a lifestyle which enables us to finally give a loving home to a GSP. I work from home so have plenty of time to devote to raising and looking after a puppy properly and give it the loving, caring home it deserves. I grew up with dogs as a youngster (2 spaniels and a GSP) and have always wanted to have a dog of my own but have never had the lifestyle to devote the time needed until now. We are looking for responsible caring breeders who are planning litters around the end of May/ beginning of July as we would like to welcome our dog into our home after we come back from Holiday in the second week of August where we have four full weeks where we are both around to settle the puppy into it's new environment.

If you are a breeder with a litter which will be due around this time please contact me on my email - with your contact details as I would like to discuss the possibility of you thinking of us as a possible home for one of your puppies.

Many thanks

- By Lexy [gb] Date 27.02.17 18:11 GMT Edited 28.02.17 10:42 GMT
Don't know if you have looked on the champdogs puppy section GSP PUPS  or the breeders section GSP BREEDERS WHOM HEALTH TEST
- By Billyham20 [gb] Date 27.02.17 18:17 GMT
Hi Lexy - I have thanks and I'm subscribed to the waiting list which notifies me when new litters are available. I just wanted to get a bit ahead of the game really and see if there were any breeders out there with dogs potentially available at the end of May so I could get in early and reserve one
- By Jodi [gb] Date 27.02.17 18:22 GMT Upvotes 1
Why not contact breeders that you like the look of and make an enquiry as to whether they are planning a litter this year.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.02.17 23:52 GMT
To get ahead of the game as you say you really need to contact a breeder at the planning stage say 6 or more months before a litter is due, as decent breeders quite soon have a waiting list.

I would always check the breeders lists of the breed clubs for the breed.  If there isn't one actually on lien then the secretary of the club usually ahs a list of breeders.

Better still why not attend a breed club show, see which dogs you admire, not their breeding and contact those breeders.
- By Star [gb] Date 28.02.17 17:21 GMT
Depending on where you live we(Central and Southern GSP Society) are holding a Meet the Breed Day at Chievely near Newbury on May 28th. A fun filled day and Dog Show to raise funds for GSP Rescue , there will be lots of GSPs there and you can meet Breeders and find out more about the breed. We have a Scurry, Gundog Demo, Raffle, Tombola, GSP Rescue will be there, Have a Go Agility, Loads of sponsorship and best of all, lovely dogs to meet :-) Its our 3rd year and a great success.
Worth a night in a local B and B if you are up North. There is more info on the Society website or Facebook page. :-)
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