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- By bettyonthebus Date 26.02.17 07:32 GMT
Our latest addition has come to us on Hills Science Kidney Diet food after having had bladder stones removed surgically 3.5 months ago. Straight after the surgery she was put onto Hills Science Urinary Diet but the previous owners vet told her to change it to the Kidney Diet. (Not sure why, but have got an appointment with our vet next week to go over all the test results).

Little miss doesn't like the dry food and will only eat the wet food - she's only small (3.4kg papillon) so I'm dubious about just feeding her wet food for the rest of her life (she's only 4) as I know toy breeds tend to have issues with their teeth.

How realistic would it be to change her over to a raw food diet and still keep her urinary PH levels under control?  She's such a sweet little girl and she loves food, just not the food she's on, whereas raw food would be much more enjoyable for her.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 26.02.17 07:54 GMT
What type of bladder stones were they? Struvite, urate, oxalate? The treatments and suitable diets differ.
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 26.02.17 08:42 GMT
Sorry, I'm a passionate raw feeder and have used this for over35 years.
A raw diet for your girl could help tremendously, (nothing cooked, processed or artificial) just 100% natural for a canine animal, whatever their size.
Raw should help you control her condition and if you can get your girl to eat some raw bones this will help care for her teeth too.

There is a fantastic little very informative book that is easy to read and understand "Honeys Natural Feeding for Dogs" which has information about many problems that our dogs can have.
If you register with the "Honeys" website you can order FREE of charge this fantastic little book. There are no after sales emails or "our product is best"! rubbish.

This little book can also be purchased on Amazon sometimes for 1p and delivery of £2.80.
- By bettyonthebus Date 26.02.17 11:40 GMT
I think they were struvite stones (but will get confirmation when I see my vet) - they had to be sent to the US for testing so it took some time for the results to come back after the surgery.
- By bettyonthebus Date 26.02.17 11:43 GMT
Thank you for the link :) it would be great to be able to raw feed her - I'll have a look at the website when I've had seen the vet and got more info on her test results. I'm especially interested in why she's on the Kidney Diet food when she had bladder stones so need to know more about what's going on inside before I make a decision about what to do, but I'm glad raw feeding should be an option.
- By Merrypaws [gb] Date 26.02.17 12:09 GMT
I'm going through this at the moment. (thread here: [url=] includes suggestions from other forum members)

My 4-year-old male developed struvite crystals (they hadn't gone as far as stones luckily).  He was previously fed one raw meal and one kibble meal a day. Our vet advised the Royal Canin urinary diet to dissolve the crystals. It took three and a half months for the crystals to dissolve completely. 

I have been checking the pH of his urine weekly: it reduced quickly from 7.0 to 6.0 and remained more or less steady with an occasional dip to 5.0. An early raw bone pushed it back to 7.0, but it quickly dropped again and his raw Christmas breakfasts did not disturb it.

He stayed on the RC kibble for another week and then began to introduce the raw food again, first as a topping, (pH 6.0) then as one meal a day, at the end of that week the pH was 6.5.  The next week he had raw for both meals and the recording at the beginning of this week was 7.0.  I put him straight back on the Urinary diet, and will test again on Monday.  At present I am recording the food he has and trying to keep him on the same for a week at a time.  I am also currently trying a green vegetable supplement from Dorwest which they say may help keep the urine pH right.  My aim is to return him to at least one raw meal and hopefully two while remaining acidic and crystal-free.

Sorry for the essay, but hope this helps a bit.
- By Merrypaws [gb] Date 26.02.17 12:13 GMT
Wait OK: thank you for the reference to the Honey's book.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 26.02.17 23:17 GMT
It is perfectly feasible to feed raw with all types of stones and I have seen many who have had great success with their dogs health and stones ( all types ) since changing to raw. the crucial bit is understanding which ones and what you need to include or avoid , It is worth joining some or at least one of the fb group for raw feeding and if its low purine info in particular  you need there is great raw fed Dalmatians group that will help even if it is not for a Dalmatian
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 27.02.17 08:36 GMT

>there is great raw fed Dalmatians group that will help even if it is not for a Dalmatian

It is indeed a great group, but not really helpful for dogs with struvite stones; the stones dalmatians are prone to are urate stones, and the treatment for those (alkalinising the urine) is opposite to the treatment for struvite stones (acidifying the urine).
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 27.02.17 09:53 GMT
I am aware of thatand said as much  but atm the op doesn't know the type of stones so was suggesting  that if they  needed info on low purine diets for urate stones  it is a useful group .if not there are the other raw feeding groups who have members who are dealing successfully with other types of stones.barf uk is very good and has vets as members who will also give advise if appropriate
- By bettyonthebus Date 01.03.17 21:41 GMT
Saw our vet yesterday and the test results showed calcium oxalate and struvite stones. Little miss had a UTI in June last year and the vet thinks that the ongoing bacteria was the cause of the calcium oxalate stones and the subsequent change in urine PH was the cause of the struvite stones. Does that sound right?  It's def along the lines of what she was saying but I think I've missed a step in the process somewhere.

Current plan is to put her back on RC urinary s/o and have an ultrasound of her bladder in 2 mths with more urine tests and possibly blood tests to check for any underlying conditions (parathyroidism?). Her most recent urine tests have been clear of bacteria so it's felt that the calcium oxalate stones are no longer an issue, just the struvite stones.

The vet agreed raw feeding is definitely a good idea in the future but she wants us to wait until she's had the tests done in a couple of months before we make any more changes.
- By colliepam [gb] Date 10.04.17 20:20 GMT
cheers! i ll try and get a copy,thanks very much xx
- By gaby [gb] Date 12.04.17 21:22 GMT
My dog suffered from these stones and once I changed from Royal Canin to raw the problem cleared up.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 13.04.17 07:19 GMT
If the stones were caused by the remnants of a UTI, then putting her back on the royal canin is unlikely to make any difference.  RC is not great quality food, you'd be better keeping her on raw.
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