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- By Newfiegirl [gb] Date 25.02.17 09:33 GMT
Hi guys

My 6mth old Newfie has been on royal canin since getting him however it doesn't seem to suit him.  He's been checked over by the vet etc and they recommending him changing food.  I spoke to a couple of litter mates who all had the same problem and have changed on to orijin food and the change has been great. I've looked at the food and it looks good but I can't afford that price at the moment.  Someone else suggested canagen dog food. Unfortudaltey for personal reasons I can feed raw.  Has anyone had any experience with canagen? Or can anyone recommend any other complete foods?
- By kayenine [gb] Date 25.02.17 09:49 GMT Edited 25.02.17 09:52 GMT
Take a look at Millies Wolfheart, similar ingredients as Orijen, British made and a more reasonable price.
- By Newfiegirl [gb] Date 25.02.17 10:58 GMT
Oh not heard of that before will go and have a look thanks for that recommendation :-)
- By suejaw Date 25.02.17 21:46 GMT
Canagen is a good food likewise the others that have been mentioned.
- By Newfiegirl [gb] Date 07.03.17 21:38 GMT
Great thanks. Has anyone tried Brit dog food? My breeders just adviced that one?
- By poodlenoodle Date 09.03.17 07:36 GMT
If you ever do get the opportunity to go raw, do it! Mine has been on orijen since we got him last May, we moved to raw recently and I can't believe the difference in him. Poos are small, firm and not smelly, he is full of beans and so keen for his meals, it's not been long enough to see his coat etc. improve but he is so much happier.
- By MamaBas Date 09.03.17 08:25 GMT

> Poos are small, firm and not smelly,

Each to their own re raw feeding but just to say if you use a non cereal-based food, one that lists meat (not by-products) or fish as the main ingredient, you should get small and non-smelly stools.  We do!
- By poodlenoodle Date 09.03.17 14:45 GMT
Well you might not agree but orijen is generally regarded as  immensely high quality and we still got typical "kibble poo" on it, even with the addition of snacking bones (duck wings etc.). Every dog us different though, as they say, the perfect diet is the one they thrive on. x
- By Newfiegirl [gb] Date 09.03.17 20:25 GMT
Hi mamabears can I ask what you feed x
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 09.03.17 22:45 GMT
Pleased u made it to 100% raw I am sure u won't go back
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