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- By Kate H [ie] Date 21.02.17 21:15 GMT
Grrr I have whitespot in my tropical and coldwater aquarium. I can use the pet shop treatment in the tropical tank as it's in my bedroom but I can't use it in my coldwater tank as it's a five foot tank in the living room. The problem is that the cats are a pain for looking in at it and I'm afraid that if the formalin treatment is in it , they may get sick if they lick their paws after messing with the tank water.
It's an open aquarium so no lid due to the light feature. I'm just wondering if anyone knows any natural remedies for it? It's a lesson to quarantine new fish.I've put tonic salt in the coldwater aquarium this evening as I read that can help
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 21.02.17 21:22 GMT
Had about 7 tanks in the past - none now but we only ever used the petshop treatment - all tanks had lids.
Could you not use a wire mesh over the top, you could cut it to allow gaps if lights/leads etc need to be fitted through it. May be a bit unsightly but if its only a temporary measure ???
- By Kate H [ie] Date 21.02.17 21:24 GMT
I'll have to get something sorted for it I'm sure. I was thinking plywood and just cut it to measure. I'll get it Saturday so hopefully the salt will hold it off for the meantime. So annoying
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 21.02.17 22:50 GMT
I suggested the wire  as we used to have cats when we had the fish and also had gerbils who lived in a fish tank (they couldn't kick the sawdust/shavings out like a cage)
The cats used to sit on a glass top and also used to be able to push plywood to the side but the wire folded down over the top edge of the tank like a box lid - it also moved and dipped a little if they tried to stand or sit on it which they didn't like - I can't think why not :evil:
- By Kate H [ie] Date 22.02.17 13:54 GMT
Good plan. They are so nosey and go through phases of obsession throughout the day with the tank! I'll do some diy saturday
- By Nikita [gb] Date 22.02.17 16:37 GMT
A thin sheet over the top might work for now, until you can sort something more permanent.  If it covers the tank fully then they won't see the fish so hopefully won't be as interested!

Treatment wise, I don't think there are any natural treatments so you'll need to cover and treat.  What fish do you have in there?  Some are sensitive to meds.
- By Kate H [ie] Date 22.02.17 22:17 GMT
It's a 450 litre cold water tank with fancy goldfish. I've put in the treatment this evening and covered the top of the tank. Have to put in a second dose 48 hours after the first and see then. It's formalin and ethanol in the treatment
- By Nikita [gb] Date 24.02.17 16:48 GMT
Ok, cool.  I just wanted to check as some people keep weather loaches in with their golds and they are very sensitive.

As an aside - good on you having a hefty tank for goldfish!  A rare thing :)
- By Kate H [ie] Date 26.02.17 05:36 GMT
I love them. So much easier than my smaller tropical tank. I bought the large tank second hand and have orandas and ryakins. I'll see if I can figure out how to post a picture
- By Nikita [gb] Date 26.02.17 10:22 GMT
Bigger tanks are always easier, much more stable!  Mine's just a hair smaller than yours and I'd not go smaller again.  I'd prefer bigger but I had to go with what I could get cheap when I was looking for it!
- By Kate H [ie] Date 01.03.17 20:00 GMT
All seems to be well and the treatment seems to have cleared up the whitespot. Hopefully that's the end if it now
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