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- By ali-t [gb] Date 21.02.17 13:33 GMT
I have an 8 month old pup who has an exhausting habit of getting up at 4am every morning to go out to toilet and mosey around.  She eats twice a day (tea at 5:30ish) and no supper so I am not sure why she needs to be up at 4am to toilet.  she goes out at around 10pm for her last pee of the night and sometimes poos too. 

Any suggestions for getting her to sleep longer?  It doesn't seem to make any difference whether she has had a lazy day or a day with lots of activity.  She tends to sleep a lot in the evening when we are in the house so is probably just not tired but short of spending all night playing with her in the garden to exhaust her I can't think what to do to make her sleep longer.  She is quite destructive when left to her own devices (has trashed the kitchen before when left alone) so we are reluctant to leave her loose wandering in the house all night.  She currently sleeps in our room and is quite clingy so howls if left downstairs.  All suggestions welcome please.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 21.02.17 14:07 GMT
Does she sleep in a cage or loose in the room ? Better to have a darkened room if possible too. But in reality if she needs to go then you must take her. Take her out on a lead to perform then straight back to bed, don't talk or play with her. If she will settle in a cage or puppy pen then you can settle her back in without a word and go back to bed. She should soon realize that its sleep time so will start to settle. Try a few mind games before bed too. No need to get excited in the garden, have a few  mini sessions of training in the evening, leaning new tricks like give a paw or fetch a certain toy. You need to engage her mind to tire her out, racing round the garden chasing toys just makes her fitter !!
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 21.02.17 15:08 GMT Upvotes 2
If this happens at the same time every day, could there be something disturbing her sleep? A neighbour coming in or out, or a timer switch that clicks over at this time might be a possibility.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 21.02.17 16:35 GMT
She sleeps loose in our room.  although she is crated when we go out she didn't settle in the crate at night.  The room is pitch black as we live rurally so there are no streetlights, traffic or anything.  I think it is just habit and this is now when her bowels and bladder move.  I am barely awake when I take her out and she just trots downstairs outside and then I get a biscuit to get her back upstairs and back to bed with as little disruption to my sleep as possible.  I don't tend to engage with her - I am only capable of grunting when I am sleep deprived.  Maybe it is the lure of the biscuit that she wants to get up for.  I might try having an extra biscuit upstairs and try to palm her off with a biscuit rather then a walk downstairs then a biscuit.

I might try some training before bed to mentally tire her and maybe work on teaching her some tricks in the evening too.  thanks for the suggestion.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 21.02.17 16:57 GMT Upvotes 2
I would drop the biscuit completely :grin: its just another incentive and dogs are very astute !! If she is a bit slow to return then if you put her on a lead even a long-line you have no need to tempt her in just pick up the lead and walk her back indoors and upstairs x
- By ali-t [gb] Date 21.02.17 17:22 GMT
you could be right, think I will put a fabric lead at the bottom of the stairs and try to do it without a biscuit.  thanks
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 21.02.17 17:31 GMT
A bit of a stretch probably, but could perhaps be some mild form of cystitis? One of my girls got it out of the blue, it passed very quickly but when it peaked she would go to toilet often and at night. I took a sample of her pee to the vets they did a quick test for presence of blood and that's how they diagnosed. Now she has homemade cranberries drink whenever we notice she goes more often :smile:
- By Nikita [gb] Date 21.02.17 18:05 GMT
If medically clear then it may simply be a habit.  I've learned with my dogs that it is very, very easy to get into this particular one with them and they are very good at telling the time!  With mine I make sure they are completely empty before bedtime, and only let them out if they indicate that they genuinely need to - for example River will get up if I go for a wee, and wait at the top of the stairs, but unless she's panting, then she doesn't actually *need* to go so I send her back to bed.

You could try waiting a short while before letting her out and sticking to the new time for a week or so before waiting a little longer again, thereby slowly pushing back the time that she gets up.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 22.02.17 10:42 GMT
Well it was 5am this morning and since we get up at 5:30ish the man of the house got up with her.  Here's hoping we can extend it further and then more rejigging when the clocks change.  Will definitely focus on mental training in the evening.  It doesn't help that she is in season just now so a bit out of sorts anyway.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 22.02.17 13:04 GMT

> and then I get a biscuit to get her back upstairs

She has you well trained :lol:
- By ali-t [gb] Date 22.02.17 13:41 GMT
haha, so true! :lol:
- By MamaBas Date 22.02.17 13:58 GMT

> It doesn't help that she is in season just now so a bit out of sorts anyway.

Hah - I'd suggest that most of this could well be to do with being in season ..... bitches in season tend to want to 'spread it around'.   There is an obvious remedy for that, if it is what's going on .... !  I do have one here (male) who has always anticipated the getting up time - it's worse in the Summer when it gets light earlier and the birds kick off .   He's always been this way and as I really don't want him in the kitchen at night I guess that's just him.   Both are in their crates in my room which is how I prefer it - much as I'd really love him to SHUT UP until 7 am.   It seems that's not on his agenda.
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 22.02.17 16:57 GMT
Groan - I wish you hadn't reminded me about the early mornings and the early birds, Mamabas.
My two have been pretty good at having a snuggle up lie in, I don't sleep well and am often awake for a while in the early hours.  I have noticed that I'm getting mugged earlier by my little Pap - it could be he gives me so long after it gets light/birds singing before diving on my head and licking me to death
- By ali-t [gb] Date 22.02.17 19:51 GMT
Mamabas, what do you mean theres an obvious remedy? Its been a long day and not much is obvious to me tonight lol.
- By MamaBas Date 23.02.17 08:20 GMT

> Mamabas, what do you mean theres an obvious remedy?

- By ali-t [gb] Date 23.02.17 13:10 GMT
Aaah, that remedy.  No, I won't be doing that as she is a rott and prone to various cancers with an increased risk in spayed bitches so I don't plan to shorten her life/quality of life just so it is more convenient for me.

Could have been tempted this morning though when she was up at 2am and again at 4am lol.
- By MamaBas Date 23.02.17 14:01 GMT Edited 23.02.17 14:03 GMT

> <br />Could have been tempted this morning though when she was up at 2am and again at 4am lol.

I do understand so assuming she is more like this when in season, at least that should be only twice a year and maybe only when she's in standing heat.    Ear plugs??

However, I would just suggest that with every season a bitch is allowed to have, there is an increased risk of female cancers later on ..... so you are a bit between a rock and a hard place re getting her spayed, or not!   Having said that, most of our bitches were entire until retired at around 6 - 7 years when they were spayed as much to avoid the need to confine and upset the household when in season as anything else, and we only had one who developed mammary cancer at the end of her life (ie in her 13th year).
- By ali-t [gb] Date 23.02.17 14:07 GMT
Ear plugs may be the way forward or getting another dog further down the line so she has company and might want to sleep downstairs.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 09.03.17 17:20 GMT
Just a quick update.  Looks like it was season related as it has now stopped and we get the standard 5am commando crawl up the bed for a cozy before we get up at 5:30.  Very glad it was season related and after a whole month of evening wake ups we now have fairly uninterrupted sleep again.
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