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- By snowflake [gb] Date 18.02.17 14:42 GMT
I am wanting to get a new puppy as my other three dogs (for various reasons) are not up to long walks these days.  We are retired and feel we would like a fairly energetic new young dog to take on long walks (we have just moved to East Sussex).  Our old boy,  a JR is 16 at least and can't go far,  the sheltie can't since she had cruciate ligament and luxating patella repairs.  She can only manage shortish walks.  Our mixed breed Greek gal (9 years old) though is still up for it but we would like a companion for her.  However since the issue with the wire fox terrier and the frenzied attacks on my sheltie (the WFT is now rehomed) I am nervous about bringing in another dog.  We've had various dogs for years,  males and females, and never had any problem.  I am thinking of a mini schnauzer but read that they can be scrappy.  In your experience which breed is likely to settle in with my three,  none of which are in the least aggressive. I don't want a large dog just small or medium.  I wouldn't mind a rescue but that might be worse!

I can't believe I am writing this as I have had dogs for 35 years or more and did home dog boarding for a while - with no issues!!
- By Kenny Date 18.02.17 14:45 GMT Edited 18.02.17 14:58 GMT Upvotes 1
I'd wait until the 16 year old JR passes away.

I've had dogs all my life and the only one to ever bite me properly was one of my all time favourites a very elderly terrier about 1 week before he died silently in the night.

Can't see him having much patience with a young pup and one bite from an angry terrier could be game over for the little bouncy pup who just wanted to play.
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 18.02.17 15:50 GMT

>I am thinking of a mini schnauzer but read that they can be scrappy.

I have had many Mini Schnauzers over the years and never had a scrappy one!
- By snowflake [gb] Date 18.02.17 16:26 GMT
Well that's very nice to know - most seem to say the same.
- By Goldmali Date 18.02.17 16:31 GMT Upvotes 2
The easiest option is often to not mix breeds that are too dissimilar. In my experience, just being the odd one out can cause a dog to be picked on, or to pick on others. For instance I have had 3 Golden Retriever bitches (at different times, not together) who attacked a much bigger Malinois bitch badly enough to need stitches, back when I only had one Malinois. I've had one Cavalier almost kill a Papillon. So if I was you, the choice would be easy -another Sheltie.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 18.02.17 16:40 GMT Upvotes 3
Looking at your current mix I would go for another sheltie too, and also wait until the JRT has passed on.
- By compassion [gb] Date 18.02.17 19:25 GMT
While some breeds may be more suitable than other breeds to fit in with your dogs, there can still be quite a variation in regards to Temperament within any given breed (no matter how nice that particular breed may be) therefore it would probably be easier for you if you were to wait until your oldest dog has passed away before getting a puppy, but that's just my opinion I guess.  :cool:
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 19.02.17 00:43 GMT
I too would wait until your jrt has passed, sad as it is it's unlikely to be long.

In the meantime you could be a dog buddy (I think it's called) & walk others dogs who can't do it, or often enough, themselves. 
It would/could utilise your skills and satisfy your walking wants without upsetting your status quo at home.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 19.02.17 08:51 GMT
That's an idea.  You could have a look at - I know a couple who did that and started looking after a tibetan terrier from round the corner when the owners went on daytrips etc, and fell in love with the breed because of him.  They now have their own boy, who is fearsomely intelligent and a bit of a handful but an ace little dog!

You might be able to get to know a breed that way like they did, without risking a permanent addition.
- By MamaBas Date 19.02.17 09:57 GMT
I too would wait, at least until after the oldest of your bunch has lived out his days.   And I certainly would avoid a Terrier - male.   Of course there are exceptions, but in general, from experience of living alongside Jackies where I worked for a couple of years, their male Jackie wouldn't tolerate any other male in his property - outside was 'okay' but indoors, no.   His girls all lived together just fine however.

Having an ageing group can pose problems and as we had a bunch of oldies plus the young ones, we tended to end up doing 'two strings' - the first a good walk for the youngsters and then what was more of a 'stagger' with the oldies, just to make them happy to have been out.
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 19.02.17 21:15 GMT

> We are retired and feel we would like a fairly energetic new young dog to take on long walks (we have just moved to East Sussex).

Brittany - beautiful, active, energetic and very friendly and loyal.
- By Jessica B Date 25.02.17 10:10 GMT

> Brittany - beautiful, active, energetic and very friendly and loyal.

Any spaniel breed would be good actually - particularly Clumbers or Sussex, which love long walks but don't have the boundless energy of a Cocker or Springer. Or if you want something smaller, Cavaliers or King Charles are good options.

But I would definitely wait until the JRT has gone. As depressing as that sounds, I think a new dog after an old dog has passed will give you a distraction.
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