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- By Mozzigirl [gb] Date 18.02.17 06:51 GMT
Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on  when puppies should be weaned onto puppy food.
Pups (small breed) are 6 days old so it won't be anytime soon but I just wanted an idea of what others do as this is my first time breeding.
I have read some things which state not before 60 days old where as others say 3 weeks old.
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 18.02.17 08:07 GMT Edited 18.02.17 08:10 GMT
2.5 to 3 weeks depending on mums milk supply and I use an easy to digest natural finely minced raw meat ( gentle on the tummy) No bloated tummies !
A puppy needs to be well adjusted eating a good nourishing solid diet with variety before it leaves home at 8 weeks of age. 4 feeds per day.
I do not believe in offering any milky or sloppy food, if mum was able to regurgitate and offer solid food herself there would be no extra milk, this comes from her milk bar only  and naturally.
Start worming at 2 weeks and thereafter 2 weekly until puppy leaves home.
- By MamaBas Date 18.02.17 08:21 GMT Edited 18.02.17 08:23 GMT
We normally would start by the end of week 3 going into week 4, depending on how well the litter was doing.   At first we'd use warmed goats milk and hold each puppy on our knees to encourage them to lap.  Some take to this faster than others.  This is offered 4 times a day with mum, obviously, still providing most of the nourishment.   We also gave a small amount of raw lean mince (hamburger!), about as much as would cover a thumbnail (bearing in mind this is for Bassets) but only once a day at first - it's tempting to give more and more often but their digestive systems are immature and giving too much could run into problems

Once they can all lap easily, we'd then add a good quality puppy food, mixing it into a porridge consistency at first and again with the individual encouragement.   Once they can all manage to eat up well, we'd use a puppy bowl (round with a raised middle to hold) and feed 4 meals a day with mum complete out while they are feeding, but going back in to clean up, and allow comfort suckling (standing up).   Once she felt the sharp teeth, she'd want out again - fast.    With Bassets we still gave goats milk drinks during the daytime, and added raw mince, cottage cheese, scrambled egg etc to the food (not all at the one time!!).

By 6 weeks, mum should be off the litter but we never sent our puppies home before 8 weeks, and only then if we knew the new owners and that they were experienced.   Otherwise we kept all our puppies to 10 weeks.

And yes, worming should be done from 2 weeks and every 2 weeks to the time they go home.  We used a gentle worming syrup for our puppies. Mum should be wormed when the puppies have their first worming too.
- By Goldmali Date 18.02.17 12:57 GMT
I have read some things which state not before 60 days old

Wow, that's dangerous advice indeed! Unless they meant weaning as in no longer need to suckle off mum, not starting on solids. I find most of my pups are ready to start at 2 weeks, especially in large litters. Toys can at times take longer to start eating full meals, but then they stay longer with mum anyway.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 18.02.17 15:59 GMT
I do almost exactly as Mamabas suggests other than that I allow the pups to carry on feeding from mum beyond 6 weeks if both mum and pups want, they naturally stop around that age anyway.
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