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- By AlexIPO [gb] Date 10.02.17 14:48 GMT
Does anybody have a dog treadmill for a large GSDL for sale?
Many thanks
- By compassion [gb] Date 10.02.17 15:38 GMT Upvotes 1
I know treadmills can be good for getting dogs fit but there's nothing like going out in the pouring rain, getting soaking wet & covered in mud, not to mention the cold. What do want a treadmill for :grin:
- By AlexIPO [gb] Date 10.02.17 17:26 GMT Upvotes 1
My dogs both work in IPO, walked watered etc and are extremely fit. However I am looking for a treadmill to buy. Thanks
- By compassion [gb] Date 10.02.17 22:19 GMT
Some people say the pit bull treadmills are the best .....?  I would imagine there should be quite a few for sale over the internet if your looking for a real good one.
- By AlexIPO [gb] Date 10.02.17 22:28 GMT
The slatmill the pitbull people use don't have no speed increments to control a slow gait
- By JoFlatcoat (Moderator) [gb] Date 11.02.17 13:45 GMT
I've sent you a PM.

- By AlexIPO [gb] Date 11.02.17 14:47 GMT
Thanks jo
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