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- By JimandHelen [us] Date 08.02.17 15:09 GMT
Good day all, my wife and I have now returned back to the UK and into retirement after a number of years abroad. We are now settled back in North East Scotland and are now looking for a Golden Retriever puppy to join us in next stage of life. We are past Golden owners and found them to be an excellent breed. Seems that good ones are really difficult to find, but will keep looking.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 08.02.17 16:53 GMT
Have you checked out the listings on Champdogs?

What kind of golden are you looking for, very light coloured, medium gold or dark? Working bred or show bred or dual purpose.

Make sure the breeders have their dogs health tested at the very least for hips, elbows and eyes, anything else such as DM is a bonus. Also go and meet the breeders dogs to assess temperament.
- By MamaBas Date 08.02.17 16:56 GMT
I've just had a quick look on this website and it seems if not actually in Scotland, there are breeders in the North - one with a litter on the borders although it think they are now all reserved.    I can't vouch for the quality however.  But why not go via the Breed Club where you are - many have people who keep records of breeders with puppies available, although obviously you'd have to go look for yourself given that not only should you see mum with the litter, but you must meet the breeders as you'll know.    This is a relationship that has to work!

Might you consider looking  at the Gordon Setter also?

Good luck on your return to the UK - having done that some years ago now, I have to say it was rather a culture shock, not the least being what a crowded little island the UK now is ... but where you are it may not be the same!
- By JimandHelen [us] Date 08.02.17 17:35 GMT
Thank you for your response, I am already in contact with The Scottish Golden Retriever Club and the KC. I am ok to travel further for the correct dog and no doubt we will find one in due course. Retirement not only is the best job i have ever had, but it also provides access to time. Yes, we are lucky up here, space to move and beautiful country to walk - the only problem, yep the weather !!.
- By JimandHelen [us] Date 08.02.17 17:45 GMT Upvotes 2
Thanks, Yes, we are reviewing Champdog list and have actually been in contact with several folks today. Will just have to keep a close eye on it and even get my name of reservation lists if suitable.
To be quite honest, I really don't care if the puppy comes from working or show, but do prefer a medium gold and black nose, however at the end of the day, its the health, temperament and intelligence that counts.

Thank you for your input.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 08.02.17 18:10 GMT
Will pm you
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 08.02.17 19:23 GMT
Just interested as to why u suggested Gordon's if not a Goldie.quite different breeds although the Gordon is lovely
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 08.02.17 19:59 GMT

>Might you consider looking  at the Gordon Setter also?

I'm curious about this - the four setter breeds work in a totally different way to a retriever, and so have a different sort of temperament; indeed they all have different temperaments from each other! Wonderful dogs - but not really a close alternative to a Golden.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 08.02.17 21:42 GMT
Having met a few Gorden setters I agree they are rather different to Goldens, more akin to the Irish Setter I used to have though not quite as loopy as he was
- By Charlie Brown [gb] Date 09.02.17 07:35 GMT
Gordon Setter? Really?.

Well I guess the name begins with the same letter!
- By MamaBas Date 09.02.17 08:03 GMT Upvotes 2
On reflection I don't know WHY I suggested the Gordon SETTER :red:.   However, I suppose it was availability?? Perhaps.   Scrap that idea then :grin:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 09.02.17 08:46 GMT Upvotes 1
Sorry mama bas I had to laugh at your honest reply
- By rachelsetters Date 09.02.17 09:55 GMT

personality wise quite different :) dogs

Perhaps as they also sounds similar Gordon - Golden (well said quickly)

Love my Gordons but they aren't for everyone - also we have ALOT LESS registrations than Goldies :)
- By Blay [gb] Date 09.02.17 11:47 GMT
To the OP - with reference to deciding between a working or show Golden you mention that you don't mind which you have.

However, I do think it's worth giving this some thought.  As you probably know, Goldens from working lines tend to be much more 'driven' than those from purely show stock, in my experience.  I personally like both show and working types - but they are very different, not just in looks but in behaviour as well.  (Similar to the difference between show and working Labs - I have a working Lab and I'm thrilled with him - but he's very different from his show cousins!)

It would be a good idea to decide which would suit you better, how active you want to be and the kinds of training and activities you want to do with your new addition.

I have, sadly, known a number of working Goldens (and Labs) who have been returned to their breeders as the new owners couldn't cope with their high drive and energy levels.

Good luck with your search.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 09.02.17 12:02 GMT
Worth looking for a breeder who is breeding for dual purpose Goldens with a mixture working and show lines. If mines anything to go by, it makes for a relaxed clever dog who really enjoys her walks, but is more then happy to doze the day away waiting for the next outing. She has been very easy to train too unlike a pure show bred golden I had once who wasn't nicknamed 'dimmy daydream' for nothing.
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 09.02.17 17:00 GMT Upvotes 1
Once knew of a show bred Golden RETRIEVER who wouldn't.............not even a fresh feathered pheasant :eek::eek::eek:
- By Jodi [gb] Date 09.02.17 17:12 GMT
Tbh, mine needs to be renamed as a golden retainer.
- By Harley Date 12.02.17 23:24 GMT Upvotes 1
I > Once knew of a show bred Golden RETRIEVER who wouldn't.............not even a fresh feathered pheasant

I have a working lines GR and he too is a non-retrieving retriever. He will retrieve a ball once and once only - after that he will chase the ball, roll on it and then walk away from it. His thought process seems to be that he brought it back once and I threw it away again so it's obviously not worth doing again :lol:

He is, however, the most intelligent dog I have ever owned and is a dream to train. He gets everything on the first or second try and never forgets - which can have its good and bad side :wink:
- By Brainless [gb] Date 13.02.17 19:49 GMT
My Elkhounds are like that whenever I tried ball or toy throwing, but they will happily bring me any animal/remains they find dead or alive. :eek:
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