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- By lucinda [gb] Date 03.02.17 21:57 GMT

i have a quantity of german shepherd league handbooks from the 1980's,lots of breed council magazines and some 1980's gsd wekly magazines etc-lots of vintage gsd stuff in fact!

i'm moving shortly and won't have room to take them.

free to any gsd enthusiast -but they will need to collect from north oxfordshire as it would cost a fortune to post them.

i really don't want them to end in the recycling bin,but they may have to if i can't pass them on.
- By gsdowner Date 03.02.17 23:19 GMT
Any chance you'll be going to crufts on pastoral day?
- By lucinda [gb] Date 04.02.17 07:46 GMT

i might be there.not sure yet.trouble is -i couldn't bring this lot with me .there are a fair few league handbooks and lots of mags -league/bred council etc.i've also got some gsd hardbacks that could go-thelma gray /roy and clarissa's book etc.i'm really happy for you to have everything but you'll need to come to banbury in oxfordshire to collect it all.i'm very close to jthe banbury junction of the m40 if that helps.
best wishes.hope we can sort something out.
- By MamaBas Date 04.02.17 08:55 GMT
Hah!   I have a load of Basset magazines, Year Books and Newsletters etc. (and all the main Basset books, although I'm not sure I'm ready to let all of them go, yet)  that really need a home because eventually I won't be here and I'd hate to think of them ending up in a skip.   Trouble is I'm not showing any longer and live down here on the N.Cornwall coast and what I have would cost a small fortune to mail, or send off with a courier (I've not checked).   So would need picking up - perhaps if any Basset person were here on holiday?

I wonder how many of us are in the same situation!!!
- By gsdowner Date 04.02.17 15:52 GMT
I am a fair distance away and at the moment am still not mobile enough to drive the distance since my fall in the bath last year. Could you possibly list the book titles you have and I would be happy to pay postage?

Not sure if anyone I know is heading that way either....

If you do come to crufts I shall hopefully be going with my walking stick :) Perhaps you might be kind enough to bring some bits with you - things you would be unwilling to throw out :)
- By lucinda [gb] Date 04.02.17 16:54 GMT
which county are you in?
- By gsdowner Date 04.02.17 17:30 GMT
I am in leicestershire - not a million miles away, just difficult with my hip at the moment.
- By rutt123 [gb] Date 11.04.17 22:29 GMT
Are these still available ?
- By lucinda [gb] Date 12.04.17 07:07 GMT

yes-i stil have them but they do need to be collected as i'm not able to deliver them anywhere.

i am based close to m40 in north oxfordshire if that helps.
best wishs.
- By rutt123 [gb] Date 21.08.17 19:19 GMT
Very sorry, i have just seen this reply. Are they still there if so i would take them but i will have to arrange a day suitable for collection. Many Thanks
- By lucinda [gb] Date 21.08.17 20:48 GMT

sorry-i disposed of them last weel i'm afraid.

best wishes.

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