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- By Treacle [gb] Date 31.01.17 21:46 GMT
There's a big racket going on behind the kickboards. The dog and the cat aren't interested. I don't want to have it killed. My husband is away tonight.
- By RozzieRetriever Date 31.01.17 22:17 GMT
It might just be a mouse, they can make a hell of a racket. Hope you get it sorted, it might find its own way out possibly?
- By Goldmali Date 31.01.17 23:07 GMT
Why not have it killed? We have had rat problems for years and believe me, you want rid before there are more of them. The rats have chewed our electrical wiring for a start.

Can't help thinking of the UB40 song "There's a rat in my kitchen", sorry. :lol:
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 01.02.17 09:35 GMT
Same here Goldmali was singing it in my head:red:
You do want to sort them quickly though. Can you get to where the noise is coming from? If you find droppings you will know what you are dealing with
- By Treacle [gb] Date 01.02.17 13:33 GMT
Thanks everyone. I don't believe in killing stuff - but will as a last resort. I have got all the food out of the Utility room and put it well away. I have hoovered and disinfected. I have ordered one of those things that makes a noise off amazon. I will give it one chance to sling its hook and then I'll go down the less friendly route!!
- By Nikita [gb] Date 01.02.17 20:43 GMT Upvotes 1
Once you've removed it whichever way, make sure it can't get back in!  You'll need to do a thorough search of the house walls to find any possible holes.  Mine came in through the wall behind my back drain pipe, under where the wall has a little lip 6" from the ground - I didn't find it for ages because it was so well hidden!
- By RozzieRetriever Date 01.02.17 22:24 GMT
Mine came in through a 1cm hole in the pointing, having climbed a very small Bay tree. I was told mice can flatten their rib cages to get through small spaces, if their head fits the rest will follow! :eek:
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