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- By tigran [gb] Date 29.01.17 15:22 GMT
Can anyone recommend the best place online to buy hooves for dogs? Unfortunately the last ones that I bought were almost demolished by my dogs within minutes and lots of little bits left. I remember getting some that lasted ages but can't for the life of me rem where I bought them. Any help appreciated.
- By dorcas0161 [gb] Date 29.01.17 15:53 GMT
Try Zooplus  they do a range of natural treats and good prices.
- By dorcas0161 [gb] Date 29.01.17 15:57 GMT
Here is a link. Mine love the Pizels and they last quite a while.
- By tigran [gb] Date 29.01.17 16:16 GMT
Thank you!
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 29.01.17 16:22 GMT
I am unable to find any cow sized hooves, the calf ones are useless and gone in seconds!

I used to get good sized and thick hard hooves but for some reason they are all very small now. (just calf size).

Can anyone help?          They must be empty though!!!!!
- By tigran [gb] Date 29.01.17 16:25 GMT
Yes that is just what I am looking for!
Couldn't see anything suitable on Zooplus.
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 29.01.17 16:39 GMT
They must be about somewhere, large cattle are slaughtered here every week.
No doubt another European law !!
- By JeanSW Date 29.01.17 18:33 GMT
I always google them every time I order.  I usually go for a box of 100.  May sound a lot but they can be kept for ages if you don't have hundreds of dogs like me.

I've just googled and it looks like zooplus has only got calves hooves and I like a cows hoof as they are bigger.  Even the Chi's can handle them. 

You could try these.
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 29.01.17 20:05 GMT
Thank you, I will Google your link.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 29.01.17 23:13 GMT
I usually have to get them at a show as like others can only seem to find the calf ones on-line.
- By tigran [gb] Date 30.01.17 12:12 GMT
Think that you are right!
- By MamaBas Date 30.01.17 13:21 GMT
If you can't get the 'right' hooves, have you considered pigs ears?
- By Jodi [gb] Date 30.01.17 14:00 GMT
I've given up finding cows as opposed to calves hooves. Mine loved them as a puppy but they are too small to be safe with her now.
Zooplus do cows ears which are a good substitute, I get the Bavarian cows ears as they are bigger and longer lasting, however I noticed they didn't have them when I looked a week or two ago.
Also get beef scalp strips in the longest length (they are then thicker) and then halve them. Half a strip makes a pretty long lasting snack for my strong jawed golden.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 30.01.17 17:46 GMT
My local pet shop sells large cow hooves which last for months, they are only 40p each unfilled, the horrible fatty stuff that some companies put in them is disgusting, they do smell though.
- By tigran [gb] Date 30.01.17 18:33 GMT Upvotes 1
Just ordered the beef scalp strips from Zooplus, so hoping these will be good! Thanks
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