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- By linda77 Date 27.01.17 14:59 GMT

Could someone advise how much dry food should get 15 weeks old puppy and also recommend some good brand.
Currently he gets  3x 1 1/2 cup of dry food -Aplaws but he seems to be hungry. to be hones I am not sure about raw meet and as a new owner I do not know if it is enough.

Thanks you
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.01.17 19:27 GMT Upvotes 1
At such a young age I would do as the breeder suggests.

Check in your paperwork and you should have a detailed diest sheet, or a recommended feed with quantities for their lines in the breed.

Certainly they should know the quantities they feed theirs at various stages.
- By JeanSW Date 29.01.17 19:04 GMT
This pup should be on 4 meals a day!
- By linda77 Date 29.01.17 20:16 GMT
I have been told to give him raw meet with dry food but I am not sure about that method and that's - why I did ask for advise
He also have had problem with tummy  since we brought him from breeder. After vet examination he is getting antibiotics for bacterial infection but seem diarrhoea is not resolved as he still got it.
- By JeanSW Date 29.01.17 21:32 GMT Edited 29.01.17 21:36 GMT
I don't feed raw myself (don't have the storage space as I have a lot of dogs) and I am not happy that I would get the balance right when  feeding.  So you are not alone  :grin:

As pup is still loose it won't hurt to give him Protexin for a few days.  This won't interfere with the antibiotics that your vet has prescribed. 

When any of mine are loose I put them on a bland diet until after they have been back to normal for a few days.  I buy the large economy bags of fish that most supermarkets sell.  I poach in water and most dogs like fish. 

I assume that you are feeding 4 times a day?  There is nothing wrong with Applaws - it is grain free, which is the best way to feed a dog.  But better to wait until his tummy has settled.

This is the correct protexin for dogs.
- By linda77 Date 29.01.17 21:57 GMT
Thank you
I have also noticed about  2 days ago that he has started eat his own poo and poo smell is much more worst the used to be.  Could that be antibiotics side effect or dry food?
Apology for so many questions but every situation is linked to each other I presume and hopefully everything get back to normal soon !!!
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 29.01.17 22:51 GMT Edited 29.01.17 22:53 GMT Upvotes 1
I feed raw but don't recommend  mixing the two. If u are on fb Jin one of the raw feeding groups like barf UK . However ad much ad I would say change perhaps atm with your other problems staying with the food he came home with could be best.what dry is he on ? Also has he recently  been wormed or vaccinated as that can affect tummies just to add raw is easy to get right but u do need to research ad it's not a matter of just adding meat .I need bone and offal in the right proportions and need to learn how to tweak to suit your dog .
- By MamaBas Date 30.01.17 13:30 GMT
If you are seeing him eating his own stools, for which there are as many reasons put forward as cures (and i've tried them all!!) I'd be looking at his diet.  Cereal-based food is more likely to go through not properly digested.   And so still 'appealing'.    The breeder should be advising you about diet, much as the two I have bought in since losing the last of our bloodlines, came on food I'd not normally use.   I finished the bags they came with however but then towards the end of the bags, gradually switched to something I felt happier using.   Food that wasn't cereal based but which listed meat or fish as the main ingredient.    Also the best way to stop all this stool eating is to PICK IT UP as soon as it arrives.   Honestly.

I have never, other than with out first and that wasn't really raw feeding, felt comfortable enough to raw feed - and when our numbers increased, it really wasn't viable, especially once overseas.   With a puppy I tend to prefer using a good quality puppy food, in the hope that 'it's all in the bag' as needed by a growing puppy.    And I'd not feed raw and complete.

I have no experience with antibiotics causing stool eating, or an abnormally increased bad smell.   And ditto with a good quality dry food.   You could and maybe should add a little natural unflavoured yogurt to his food, which is something I have always tended to do when mine are on antibiotics.

Has your vet ordered a fecal test - and if so, did he test for protozoa - eg. Giardia?
- By Merrypaws [gb] Date 30.01.17 15:59 GMT

> Also the best way to stop all this stool eating is to PICK IT UP as soon as it arrives.   Honestly.

I agree, but don't let him think that he has to compete with you for this most desirable item - I've found (from experience) that it's best to distract the little one's attention to something off in front of him while you pick up the stool.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 31.01.17 00:13 GMT Upvotes 1

> it's best to distract the little one's attention to something off in front of him while you pick up the stool.

Always take him to toilet armed with tasty treats, so he is looking for his treat rather than for his stool.
- By MamaBas Date 31.01.17 08:08 GMT
Hahah -  the only time I've felt I'm competiting with mine for stools is when I can't get out there fast enough (seeing what's about to happen from indoors), and have to bellow at them.  Quite often that results in them gobbling up fast, and running!!   I have a pooper scooper to hand when outside at the time 'emptying' is happening, so it's not at all difficult to get in and scoop it up.  They KNOW they are not meant to be eating this, and move off.
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