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- By crobertson [gb] Date 27.01.17 07:37 GMT
Just looking for some advice for feeding my 3 labs.

They are currently on Arden Grange but find the 12kg bags inconvenient and considering the price I have noticed it still has beet pulp and maize in it.  They fat content is quite high so the dog with elbow dysplasia has to be fed either the senior or the light (terrible ingredients list) and the other two have got a bit chunky lately on the adult which also means buying different bags for different dogs each month.

Anyway I am considering switching to either Skinners or JWB. I think skinners (duck / salmon) look a good budget food with a fat content that should suit them all but I have known the duck to upset our original lab when I had a sample years ago. I have been looking at JWB and like that there is no additional filler such as maize or beet pulp, the protein / fat looks about right for all of them and its on offer at the min for £39 for 18kg.

Any help / experience would be appreciated !
- By MamaBas Date 27.01.17 08:44 GMT Edited 27.01.17 08:47 GMT
If by JWB you mean James Wellbeloved, I have used this but seemed 'floury' for want of another word, and didn't suit my hounds.   I've not used Skinners.    I have mine on AG Sensitive at the moment - it's the one food that suits my Basset who came to us years ago now, with Giardia.  And who does react to food if it's wrong.    On the recommendation of another Basset owner, I tried Pooch & Co which was okay for a time, but then he went sloppy so it was back to AG Sensitive.

Skinners is certainly less costly than AG - and comes in 15 kg bags but it's not a brand I've ever thought of as 'good quality'?
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.01.17 16:47 GMT Edited 27.01.17 16:55 GMT
Simpsons have a good selection.

Also on the breeder scheme it's still 15kg bags and a better price.
- By crobertson [gb] Date 27.01.17 17:32 GMT
Thanks for that, what are the prices like on the breeder scheme ?
I did contact them a few months ago when I was thinking of breeding a bitch and thought about moving the others at the same time but they never got back to me.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.01.17 18:17 GMT
That is unusual, normally get straight back to you.

Lamb and Rice breeder price 15kg £29.20 (£1.95 per kg), compared to 12kg price £33.50 (£2.79 per kg),
- By crobertson [gb] Date 27.01.17 19:21 GMT
Thank you, thats a great saving, especially when you're feeding several big hungry dogs ! I will try again as emails can be over looked etc I know several fellow exhibitors have moved to Simpsons and their dogs look fantastic so I would love to put mine on it.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.01.17 19:26 GMT
and they have a range to suit most, one with rice, the sensitive with potato, and then the 80/20 and 60/40 high meat/fish ones, all in different main meat.
- By crobertson [gb] Date 27.01.17 20:08 GMT
Yes I've had a look on their website and repeated the online breeder application, would be great to try some of their other flavours too !
- By Nova Date 27.01.17 23:06 GMT
We use the Salmon & potato, dogs love it and seem to do well.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 28.01.17 10:57 GMT
The Skinners hypoallergenic range (including the duck/rice) is good budget food with a decent meat content in it.  I wouldn't bother with the rest of theirs except the puppy food (also decent meat content similar to the hypo range).  An alternative would be Autarky, which is very, very similar and slightly cheaper and IME, suits more dogs.
- By crobertson [gb] Date 28.01.17 11:36 GMT
Thanks for all of your replies ! I think I'm going to go with Simpsons as the quality and ingredients look very good.

One more thing, does anyone have any experience / advice of feeding a dog prone to weight gain on Simpsons. Our 'pet' lab has elbow dysplasia and cruciate ligament disease so his elbows and 1 knee have been operated on. He does ok but sometimes does struggle and is generally happy just walking (hes a typical lazy type lab) he has supplements, bioflow collar etc but he puts on weight just thinking about food ! I always feel I compromise his quality of food as he can't have what the others have due to the higher fat, Arden Grange light doesn't have the best ingredients list or other light food seem to cut down the meat and put more filler in to make the dog feel full. I have been reading a grain free food may help with inflammation etc, I know Simpsons do a light version but it contains rice and their 60/40 and 80/20 looks great but their fat content is high, or does the lack of carbs outweigh this ?
- By Brainless [gb] Date 28.01.17 22:29 GMT
My breed gain weight easily.  I keep all mien on the adult food, but cut them down in quantity and they keep condition. 

I have found cutting to a less nutrient dense food just means poorer coat and muscle condion compared to less of a decent food.

My 18 - 20kg girls get between 130g (13 and 9 year old) to - 225g the two youngest (20 months and 4 1/2 years), and the others are on around 170 - 180g.

For mine an empty pot noodle container works well, up to the fill line for the ones getting least then between there the nest fold and the top for the others with a heaped one for the energetic or out of coat and condition.
- By crobertson [gb] Date 03.03.17 23:05 GMT
Just an update - I ordered two bags of Simpsons Salmon and Potato on their breeder scheme at £33 ish for 15kg, the dogs look great, it suits them all and a good price. I checked online the yesterday to see about ordering a different flavour, I logged in tonight to order and noticed the price has suddenly gone up - anyone else experience this ? Its now around £40ish and now £50+ for the 60/40 I was considering ! Might be back to good old Arden Grange !
- By Brainless [gb] Date 04.03.17 00:40 GMT
Did you login as a breeder?  If not the public price will show up,  which is in smaller bags
- By Brainless [gb] Date 04.03.17 00:46 GMT
It has gone up,  though the price had been the same for more than two years.  LAMB AND RICE up by £3.60, and Salmon up a fiver
- By crobertson [gb] Date 04.03.17 08:09 GMT
Yes and I know its not much but I just thought its only been 4 weeks and the price has gone up already :P Still fantastic quality food though,our labs look brill !
- By Brainless [gb] Date 04.03.17 08:59 GMT
Still cheaper than Arden Grange.
- By crobertson [gb] Date 04.03.17 21:53 GMT
True, I am keeping them on Simpsons grain free as they've never looked so good. Out of interest what do folk do when rearing pups, do you use simpsons or go for a brand such as Arden Grange which new owners can easily get ?
- By Brainless [gb] Date 04.03.17 23:04 GMT
I use Simpsons mixed with an easily obtained mid range food,  and send pups off with several weeks of food,  and owners then have a choice.
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