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- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 26.01.17 14:00 GMT
My dog has a food allergy, she is scratching (she doesn't have fleas) and chewing her paws. We have been told to eliminate some foods, so it's just trial and error at the moment.

We have noticed a bad smell on our hands when we touch her, our other dog gets bathed in the same shampoo and she smells nice. Any advice on this please?
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 26.01.17 14:16 GMT
My first thought would be a malassezia overgrowth, which is yeast-related.
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 26.01.17 14:41 GMT
I guess the symptoms add up. She's 10 and never had anything like this before.
Any advice how to treat?
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 26.01.17 16:55 GMT
I thought yeast too
- By Tectona [gb] Date 26.01.17 19:28 GMT
Me too.
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 26.01.17 20:56 GMT
How is it treated?
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 26.01.17 22:00 GMT
Antibacterial  and antifungal shampoo can help as can removing carbs from the diet. If tje dog is actually allergic to the yeast which ever yeat pr yeasts it is , as one of mine is its more tricky as any amount sets up a reaction. I would give the shampoo ago and if u can remove catbs .difficult of not raw feeding but at least a grain free may help  if it's kibble u feed . Some find rinsing in applecider vinegar amd also washing feet in the same or eposom salts can help
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 26.01.17 22:18 GMT
Thank you. I will get some of the shampoo. I'm not sure if she is allergic to yeast or not. She is fed kibble, we are looking to change her food. We would rather not fed raw but if it's easier to treat her and make her more herself as the itching is driving her mad! I read an article about coconut oil? She has it once a week in her food but I know you can apply directly to the skin.
Thanks for your help.
- By Lacy Date 26.01.17 23:44 GMT Upvotes 1
Our dogs have suffered from yeast, know shampoos have assisted others but sadly not our hounds. Malaseb in particular caused increased itching & inflamed skin further, it's very harsh striping skin & coat of natural oils, if you do use or any other shampoo remember to rinse, rinse & rinse again to remove all traces.
Raw feeding certainly helped, along with keeping their coats clean & dry, & a rub down with water to which a couple of drops of hibiscrub has been added.
Sudocrem gives relief as does coconut oil which I melt in my hands & massage into effected areas. Try to keep away from grains.
Good luck, an itchy dog is uncomfortable & a sorrowful sight, one of ours got so bad, he would get up and leave the room to itch so he'd not get told (asked!) to stop. Very sad.
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 27.01.17 10:36 GMT
We ended up taking her to the vets, as she is going mad with itching. She has quite an established infection unfortunately, was told just to use normal shampoo. A weeks antibiotics and an injection to stop her itching. We asked about changing her food and we got no reply. We will do as you have suggested though as it can't hurt, can it.

Yes she is really uncomfortable and sad. ☹
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 27.01.17 13:18 GMT
If it's a yeast infection ordinary shampoo won't help - as you've already discovered! In these circumstances my vet practice recommends using Malaseb shampoo, which actually tackles the problem. If I were you I'd ask the vet why you shouldn't use that.
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 27.01.17 16:23 GMT
Yes it's a yeast infection. I have contacted the vets and he won't prescribe the shampoo as he says it isn't any good! I persisted saying I have tried ordinary shampoo and it doesn't work, he says she smells because of the oils. Anyway she has a bath in ordinary shampoo because that's all I have and I've applied coconut oil, she has been licking it off a little. Hoping the injection starts to work as she is still itching ever such a lot. It's horrible to see her like this.
- By Lacy Date 27.01.17 17:25 GMT

> I have contacted the vets and he won't prescribe the shampoo as he says it isn't any good!

It certainly works for some dogs but not all, Saleen is a non prescription option (buy on line).
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 27.01.17 18:49 GMT
I've known several dogs have extremely good results using it. If your vet won't even let you try it I'd be tempted to buy this shampoo in preference to ordinary shampoo which will just dry her skin further. Coatex shampoo is also very soothing.
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 27.01.17 21:47 GMT Edited 27.01.17 21:53 GMT Upvotes 1
Proven cure in Shih Tzu's but works with all dogs

When it was real bad in the beginning, use Malaseb medicated shampoo, Get it through Amazon.....bath at least once a week.
very Crticial rinse to use After her bath is:
1/4- 1/2 cup White Vinegar (Not apple Cider vinegar- that will make it worse) in 2 quarts of water. This is Leave On, No Rinse- so be sure Not to rinse with water after putting the rinse on her, just dry. This rinse will help relieve her itching

Make sure there is no oatmeal in the food or any products you use to bathe her, that makes it much worse. Also make sure to keep starches (potatoes, etc) and sugar to a minimum in her food as those will feed the yeast and make it worse too....also natural probodic yogurt each day in her meal, that does help kill the yeast
Remove all grains from the food...grain free

Important note: antibodiics make the yeast worse for awhile. Restoring the skin Ph after treatment with medication is above recipe
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 27.01.17 22:48 GMT
Thank you, I wash told hubbiscrub is good also? I will try it as the injection doesn't seem to have done anything to relieve her itching.

I do have some oatmeal shampoo but I hadn't used it on her as I heard this sometime ago and I definitely didn't want to make it worse. I hope her food doesn't I hadn't thought of that other than people saying not to feed grain which the vet didn't even mention food when I asked. I definitely will add the yoghurt and keep applying coconut oil.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.01.17 22:56 GMT

> I definitely will add the yoghurt

I often use Onken set biopot, when I have had nursing bitches with upset tummies, a big pot a day sorted from totally liquid to formed in 24 hours
- By Lacy Date 27.01.17 23:00 GMT
Try to source goats yoghurt & make sure it's active 'alive'.

Having seen the above post, I too have used Onken.
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 27.01.17 23:30 GMT

> I often use Onken set biopot

Handy to know as I always have Pro-kolin in just incase any of them get an upset stomach.
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 28.01.17 08:42 GMT
To answer your question ..yes to  hubbiscrub.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 28.01.17 08:55 GMT
If vet won't prescribe shampoo which is ridiculous given its designed for this and dies help some u could try dermacton it's antifungal and antibacterial. I've been battling allergies including yeast allergies for 3 plus years with the hel of a derm vet.she uses malaise which helps mine together with a whole host of other things.  I don't get a vet that immediately  gives antibiotics and what's most likey a steroid injection yet doesn't give advice on controlling the underlying g condition.  I think pips mum has given good advice to follow.  I would also go for a grain free or raw diet without any carbs
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 28.01.17 22:05 GMT

> If vet won't prescribe shampoo which is ridiculous given its designed for this and dies help some u could try dermacton it's antifungal and antibacterial

Unfortunately there's nothing I can do other than change vets and it is a very good practice. The vet says when he has prescribed it in the past it hasn't worked. She goes back on Friday, she smells better than she did. I have purchased hubbiscrub, applied coconut oil to the affected areas which is quite a lot. She is still very itchy, although it has improved. I am going to use the recipe and she has been given the yoghurt.

Does anyone have recommendations for food? Not sure about raw, I have heard good things but I'm not sure I know enough as it different from feeding kibble.

I appreciate everyone's help.
- By Tectona [gb] Date 29.01.17 06:02 GMT
I've heard good things about using kefir for yeast, if that's something you want to look into.

Got tons of grains here being neglected if anyone wants any.
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 29.01.17 09:01 GMT
Have you ever considered a raw diet for your dog ?

A raw diet can help tremendously with allergies and "smelly" dogs, it may well save you expensive vet bills and so much bathing with various shampoos
that can not be good for the skin.

Raw is not always a convenient food such as the kibbles but it is what our dogs digestive systems and teeth are designed for.
Raw can be purchased from many pet stores with freezers these days, it is not bloody or messy and Natures Menu make a "Nugget " product that is "complete" !
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 29.01.17 10:42 GMT
If u want to consider raw it can be done by using proper completes rather than fit join bark uk in fb or one of the others for info amd that group we have a lot of experienergy of supporting people  with dogs suffering from yeast problems and allergies. I understand that if u vet won't prescribe then he won't prescribe but do try something like dermacton it has a similar action amd better than using ordinary shampoos as even sensitive ones have things in them that can exacerbate yeasts.  Try amd avoid tje vet atually giving steroids as he has atm also if he suggest aquoperas a solution this early on please do research on the drug it also has problems if not carefully  montitored.  If u do cknsider raw I would look at the dogs butcher as theirs is true complete nothing extra in it and no fruit and veg which many others have and u don't need with the yeasts.also the owner is very helpful and knowledgeable on these thngs
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 29.01.17 12:49 GMT
sorry aquopel not aquoperas
- By dogmad1 [gb] Date 29.01.17 17:04 GMT

> Have you ever considered a raw diet for your dog ?<br />

I cant say I have. I have heard of some companies Wolftucker, Poppy's picnic, Nutriment and Nature's Menu, never heard of The Dogs Butcher. Obviously I want the best for her, I'm not sure of the cost etc.

She has never been smelly before the yeast infection and it has so far improved. She is perfectly healthy otherwise, other than routine spaying and puppy vaccinations never been to the vets.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 29.01.17 17:55 GMT
Out of those in would. Choose poppy's but atm he is not doing veg free which u really need . Nutrument is ok but most of theirs u will have to add offal which is fine as long as u know that. I wouldn't use nature's menu as there are much better quality completes and theu also add f and v to most  of their range. .I am.happy to advise by pm if u like but your best bet is one of the fb groups .completes are only one qay to go you can go diy when u know what I are doing
- By Brainless [gb] Date 31.01.17 00:20 GMT
Go for a grain free, either with Potatoe or the fruit and veg high meat ones.

Simpsons do a Range of both.

For the latter know people who feed Eden and it seems very good.
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