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- By Pedr [gb] Date 23.01.17 17:28 GMT Edited 23.01.17 17:30 GMT
I could do with a little help, I have 350 gm of 'Welpi'  unopened and still in date. I know I thought, I will use it to wean my four week out Pyrenean Puppies.

Now normally my pups will easily  consume a litre of milk mixed with baby rusks or even wheetbix per meal.

Bearing that in mind, I am confused with Welpi's mixing instructions.

Medium to large breeds.    Age: 22 -28 days.   Liquid Welpi per day : 100ml - 200ml.

Number of feeds per day : Every four hours/5 times per day.

Liquid Welpi per feed :  20 - 40 ml. 

Can anybody else see my confusion ? Or, considering that I am a fairly experienced small breeder, am I just having a brain freeze lol

Has anyone else used Welpi  to help Mam wean her  large breed puppies, and if so, how much liquid mixed up Welpi do you actually feed per meal ?  surely more than 20 - 40 ml ?  and in what proportions do you mix it in this situation ? I hope that I have explained that clearly
- By Lexy [gb] Date 24.01.17 19:17 GMT
Thought I had replied to this this morning.

Having not used whelpi I would say that the measurements you have, are per puppy, so the top end would be 4 pups x 200ml = 800ml for the large breed. I would say Pyreneans are xlarge & nearer the litre of liquid yours are already consuming :wink:
- By Pedr [gb] Date 24.01.17 20:16 GMT Edited 24.01.17 20:22 GMT
Thank you Lexy, yes you had, but when I went to look for your reply it had vanished lol ! However, I can see clearly now, I'm sure that was once a song title,  now that I have read your latest post :grin: Thank you once again :smile: It was kind of you to give me your take on my mixing dilemma !  Oh yes I forgot to mention I have six, four week old pups which would bring it to 1000ml or one litre :smile:
- By Lexy [gb] Date 24.01.17 20:23 GMT
lol..I misread your post & thought it was 4 there in the end though didn't we...:lol:
- By Pedr [gb] Date 24.01.17 22:57 GMT
We sure did :cool: :smile:
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