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- By G.Rets [gb] Date 21.01.17 21:47 GMT
Can anyone recommend a good insurer who will cover vans which are not used commercially? I was with CIS (co-op) for years until last year and have been with LV for a year but their new quote is astronomical. I do need breakdown cover with it. I am thinking of trying NFU. Any advice would be appreciated,
- By suejaw Date 22.01.17 09:44 GMT
I use Hastings Direct van insurance and they had good cover and very reasonably priced as well, mine comes with breakdown cover as well
- By MamaBas Date 22.01.17 10:34 GMT
I don't know about vans but I'm with Rias who seems as competative as any (when you are getting up there in age!!!).
- By Gundog Girl [gb] Date 22.01.17 22:16 GMT
All I can say is you need to shop around, I have a non-commercial pick-up and each time I need to insure it I seek a better deal and I get it (eventually). My advice is to haggle. They need your business as much as you need theirs, so don't be railroaded into anything. NFU were never interested in a non-commercial policy IME.
- By G.Rets [gb] Date 22.01.17 22:48 GMT
Thanks for the replies. Tomorrow will be an 'on the phone' day.
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