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- By weimed [gb] Date 07.01.17 14:38 GMT Upvotes 3
please can any members who have poultry or know of anyone with poultry be aware that by law all poultry whether one chicken or 20 must be under cover until at least 28th Feb to try and stop them catching Avian Flu. They must have covers over their pens that prevent wild birds from pooping on them or their feed and be seperated from wild birds either by secure run or by bringing into a suitable building, this is to protect not just your hens but those of others in your neighbourhood, This is mandatory and there can be up to a £5000 fine for breaking the order. full details are on defras website.
I'm posting it here as there is a remarkable lack of awareness amongst many keepers and trying to get word out
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 07.01.17 18:12 GMT Upvotes 2
There a lots of us who have had our birds in since December 6th but unfortunately there are always people who don't wish to conform, I hope as this bird flu is spreading more bird keepers will take the responsible way, more on the news would help too.
- By weimed [gb] Date 07.01.17 21:06 GMT Upvotes 1
same here. all mine have been in since 6/12 but I am horrified how many people seem to think the law does not apply to 'pets'
- By bestdogs Date 08.01.17 12:11 GMT
I agree, my birds are normally free ranging and it was impossible to keep them housed in their original
home. We rushed out and got a new one with a decent run that we could cover, they are not very happy about it but at least they shouldn't get bird flu! In my immediate area, there are several other small flock keepers who have done nothing. I get the impression some people think it just applies to commercial flocks!

Defra have not publicised it adequately, the possible fine and even imprisonment should be on the first page of the web page, instead you have to look for it in small print.

Enforcement is in the hands of local authorities but I suspect they are unlikely to be carrying out spot checks! Personally, I have passed info onto other keepers but so far no results. I do know people are complying in the wider area following a discussion in the feed merchants a few miles away.

I sincerely hope it does not become widespread, but if it does a lot of poultry keepers will regret their inaction.
- By weimed [gb] Date 08.01.17 18:11 GMT
what annoys me is if someone local who has not bothered gets an outbreak chances are defra will cull all close flocks to be on safe side,  the lazy are putting my birds at risk.
- By bestdogs Date 08.01.17 18:20 GMT
Very true, technically, we should report those who are not complying. I live in a very small village (pop around 300) so is very difficult!
- By suejaw Date 08.01.17 22:47 GMT
A local vets posted this and I said I thought it was a requirement from defra and they said no its a recommendation.  Can anyone shead any light on this so I can pass a link to confirm one way or another to someone who is refusing to put their chickens in a confined covered pen.
- By bestdogs Date 08.01.17 22:58 GMT
I read it as a directive as I don't think it would say there is a maximum fine of £5000 and/or 3 months imprisonment if it is just advisory. The webpages are quite poorly written in my opinion, as I said in my previous post, you have to really look hard to find the part about the penalty for not complying.
- By weimed [gb] Date 09.01.17 14:05 GMT
it is definatly a requirement to take action to seperate domestic poultry from wild birds.  there are exceptions to being under cover- people with large numbers of geese are merely required to ensure feeding is seperated from wild stock as its not possible to put large numbers of geese under cover without serious welfare issues.  those with half a dozen chickens would definatly be required to get them under cover as its perfectly possible to do so with a little effort and there is no welfare issue with penning them- they might be irritated at being penned but not seriously distressed providing its done properly.
personally my 30 hens are all under cover and have the defra approved foot baths being used on any entry required,
- By weimed [gb] Date 09.01.17 15:24 GMT
todays statement by defra (9/1/17) can be read here

the important bit is down the page and says

*The zones require the immediate and compulsory housing of domestic chickens, hens, turkeys and ducks, or where this is not practical, their complete separation from contact with wild birds. For farmed geese, gamebirds and other captive birds, keepers should take practical steps to keep these birds separate from wild birds.*

now all of the uk is under prevention zones until 28th feb so the vets is wrong, it is not advice it is required by law
- By bestdogs Date 09.01.17 21:16 GMT
Well, it is all there if people scroll down. There can be no excuse in my opinion.
- By Treacle [gb] Date 09.01.17 23:05 GMT
A chap near us has a little small holding with a few dozen poultry. Geese turkey hens . They have suddenly disappeared. I fear he has culled them. Horribly quiet now. Sad. :-(
- By Nikita [gb] Date 10.01.17 09:08 GMT
A sanctuary has gone down with it - a flock of mute swans dead and 9 other birds IIRC.  I can't remember the name though, it zipped past me on facebook yesterday.
- By weimed [gb] Date 10.01.17 09:51 GMT

> A chap near us has a little small holding with a few dozen poultry. Geese turkey hens . They have suddenly disappeared. I fear he has culled them. Horribly quiet now. Sad. :-(

he may well have moved them indoors.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 10.01.17 10:15 GMT
It's probably the swannery at Abbotsbury in Dorset. 80 swans have died
- By bestdogs Date 10.01.17 14:23 GMT
Yes, Abbotsbury and Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust. Very sad.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 10.01.17 16:09 GMT
Oh no
- By bestdogs Date 10.01.17 17:37 GMT
- By bestdogs Date 10.01.17 17:41 GMT

Fingers crossed this doesn't sound too bad
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