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- By EmphaticHawk [gb] Date 21.12.16 15:52 GMT Upvotes 2
Well hello members :grin::grin::grin::grin:
Just a quick one to say hello. looking forward to chatting to people with the love of dog.
As my family are looking forward to getting a new member (Rottweiler) to the family in the summer/September time.
As we lost our last member (Chelsea) September 2015 we all feel lost without her.
So its been decided as I (Andy) now got to much time on my hands at home.
New dog was going to be coming to share our life's.
- By nursey Date 21.12.16 17:35 GMT
Welcome to the boards Andy.
- By suejaw Date 21.12.16 17:40 GMT
Hi Andy.

They are a wonderful breed I quite agree :)
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