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- By colliepam [gb] Date 19.12.16 19:33 GMT
hi,ive just placed an order with these(barf wondered if anyone had used them?the range of products seems really good,ive ordered the christmas package,which is 27kg of various raw food for 60 pounds delivered,should be 90pounds usually-although one of the items is bovine blood-not sure i could face that!oh well,we ll see!,thanks everyone x
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 19.12.16 22:38 GMT
Are you UK or Germany?  If UK I think you can get a lot better, with the correct ratios eg The Dog's Butcher.  It doesn't mention bone or offal.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 20.12.16 00:43 GMT
I've not come across them .Looks like u will have some interesting things to feed. I dontike their idea of barf it's a bit strange. Seemed to imply bone wasn't needed you could add things and the 20*,%crop yo 80% meat needs explaining .I didn't get it .Any if there any completed in the pack I would check with them they are a 80,/10/10 mix and also if they have added supplements if so what as it's unnecessary.Was there any bone or offal . If u are diy u should be able to do something with that lot. Enjoy the fresh green tripe !
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 20.12.16 00:44 GMT
Debbo did u read there barf diet it seemed weird to me. Colliepam is uk
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 20.12.16 09:56 GMT Upvotes 1
Yes, FF I've had a quick read and it says 20℅ veg and fruit  and 80℅ muscle meat but, if you use the calculator it does mention offal with a choice of bone being added or their supplements....

If you know what you're doing you can work out how to adjust it but seems overly complicated, more so than diy, and quite expensive.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 20.12.16 09:59 GMT
it was the crop organs or something like that that seem odd.
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 20.12.16 10:05 GMT
Lol. I think they need a new translator!!!  There's quite a lot I had to guess at :)

I think that means potatoes...?
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 20.12.16 10:38 GMT
Potatoes !!! Very concerned about their advise then dogs shouldn't be having potatoes even if you are feeding fruit and veg and certainly not uncooked
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 20.12.16 10:45 GMT
I'm not sure if the potatoes are cooked or not, it does say somewhere that veg are.  There's also some with rice in.

I'd also be concerned about it being German meat as I think they have more problems with parasites than we do, but it's all frozen so should be okay.
- By MamaBas Date 20.12.16 16:46 GMT Upvotes 1
:eek:   Looking at the picture of Omasum on one of the websites for this product, if that came OUT of my hounds, I'd be off to the vet.   And ditto with the very odd colour 'chicken and beef'.
- By colliepam [gb] Date 23.12.16 19:49 GMT
hi everybody!order came,thebottle of frozen blood and the single furry cows ear are in the bin!the omasum_one of the cows stomachs i believe-smelled revolting,and i thought thatd have to follow the blood and ear,but the dogs loved it,once id googled and found out what it was!Today theyve had Mouth meat-which im hoping is oxcheek,no probs with it so far,ive also got sliced kidney,sliced udder,a fish mix ,if fisch is fish!im quite pleased,lovely packaging,nice flat stackable packs,i obviously didnt do my research as i wasnt aware bone and offal were incorporated,however,im going to do some reseach now,id be happy to order from these again,but only if the prices are ok-the dogs butcher-ive tried many times but i just cant seem to find out how to order online,i need to know the prices before i place an order. i dont know if the new website is up yet-im hoping itll be the same or similar to daf and landywoods-which even i can cope with! thanks very much for replies folk,im very grateful xxxx
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 23.12.16 21:44 GMT Upvotes 1
Lol that all sounds fun . The dogs butcher the easiest way is to join fb group and look in the files .There will be a December price list in there or ask in the group to have it emailed to u . Cow mouth if it is soft spikes is lips not cheeks and I think omasum is stomach. Aka  green tripe and if it's stinks it's good.if it's white and doesn't stink it's bleached and not good for dogs .Good that offal and bone is there already so u can use the kidney sparing as mine would find  the extra offal a bit rich
- By colliepam [gb] Date 23.12.16 22:00 GMT
seriously,chris,i must be thick,because ive just googled the dogs butcher and it says download this,and wen u have an order ready,email,now a,i cant download,b,im thick,i just want it easy-ie,click to order- sigh,id be there like a shot if i cud only understand it.doh xxx
- By colliepam [gb] Date 23.12.16 22:09 GMT
just looked on the fb site of the dogs butcher,and found a list for people who cant download-me!but,product and price,but no amount! im destined to fail!xxx
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 23.12.16 22:14 GMT
I will have a look tomorrow for u .Should have prices in very odd
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 24.12.16 19:35 GMT
I think the amounts from TDB are 1kg unless it says otherwise, Collie Pam. I think their website will be running around the 4th Jan.  I understand how downloading etc can be complicated if you haven't the software or not used to it; I like a printed copy in front of me when I order from my supplier who also doesn't have a website set up for ordering :/
I've recently tried some TDB, well my dogs have, and they've really enjoyed what they've had so far - definitely good quality.

PS The stink of tripe ..... my boys love it
- By Daeze [gb] Date 28.12.16 10:12 GMT
I've messaged you the email address for The Dogs Butcher
Just ask for a price list and you can just list what you want to order I think.
Jo and her staff are very helpful
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