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- By Pete c [gb] Date 19.12.16 17:55 GMT
Long time doggie person here.
Had several doggies from 2 x labradors,  2 x golden retrievers, 2  x cavaluers,  1 × weimaraner and at present 1 x lakeland Patterdale cross.
I am looking to get another weimaraner or a visla in the new hurry. My last 3 dogs have all been rescue dogs, and I now feel I'm in a position to have another puppy. My last weimaraner I was very attached to, and when she was deliberatly run over and killed I took me 2 years to get over her. My terrier at the helped me to get over her but it took a log time for me to come to terms with another dog in the house, we have had her for 4 years now and I would not be without her as she has such a great character!
I live in south beds area and would welcome any info on reputable breeders in the area, I wish to visit the breeders in advance etc as I need to be sure Im Doing the right for myself and the puppy. I have seen many ads in the press etc but am loath to buy from a non breeder. I'm well aware of what I need to do and have done all my homework and one hell of a lot of soulsearching over the last year before even thinking I'm ready.
Again any help and info appreciated.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 19.12.16 19:26 GMT
Your quite right you need to choose the breeder, who will with you choose a puppy from a litter that is likely to be a good match.

Contact the breed clubs for the breed of interest for breeders in your area who should be more than happy tio meet you.

Often initially at a show, and then to arrange a visit at home.  this will ideally be when they do not have puppies yet.

Too easy to get side tracked with a litter already on the ground.  Breeders prefer to have  a waiting list too.
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