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- By Gundog Girl [gb] Date 17.12.16 14:57 GMT Upvotes 3
Hello All,

It's Sports Personality of the Year tomorrow. It's a tough field but my vote is for Nick Skelton.

- By bestdogs Date 17.12.16 17:08 GMT
I would dearly love Nck Skelton to win but I suspect it will be Andy Murray! There are so many who deserve it, but I imagine tennis probably has more devotees than show jumping, sadly! :sad:
- By MamaBas Date 17.12.16 17:16 GMT
My money, but not my vote because I don't vote, is on one of the Paralympic athletes winning this year.   I'd like to see either Nick Skelton or Andy Murray (who has won, is it, 3 times before?) win but am not holding my breath.
- By tooolz Date 17.12.16 17:21 GMT
Once before I believe when he won Wimbledon, this year he surpassed that with an Olympic gold and a number one world ranking.
Hard to top that.
- By suejaw Date 17.12.16 17:49 GMT
All worthy winners. Andy has achieved a lot but look at the others and I'm a huge Mo Farrah fan too.
To win it a 3rd time for Andy? hmmm..
- By RozzieRetriever Date 17.12.16 18:38 GMT
Sorry, I'd like to see Laura Trott or Nicola Adams win. It's always a bloke, let's give the girls a go!
- By saxonjus Date 17.12.16 21:10 GMT Upvotes 2
Alastair Brown Lee for true sportsmanship helping his brother Jonno to the finish line. He could have got first place... Then Andy then Laura
- By MamaBas Date 18.12.16 08:15 GMT
I just looked it up - Andy won twice before in 2013 and 2015.   But he is fav. to win again this year.....
- By MamaBas Date 19.12.16 07:52 GMT Upvotes 1
Well that result last night was all good, in my eyes.  :grin:   

But can somebody tell me, for sure, that the trophy that was handed to Andy Murray in Florida (which looked 'broken' - the camera was crooked) was a duplicate.    Otherwise was the voting last night, fake?
- By saxonjus Date 19.12.16 10:37 GMT
Glad Alastair runner up :grin:
- By MamaBas Date 19.12.16 11:20 GMT
Just read that the winning Trophy was a replica, and that as I thought, was broken!!!   Andy said he didn't break it tho.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 19.12.16 16:56 GMT
All worthy winners. I'd have liked to see Mo in there too I must admit. Difficult choice, British sport is so exciting these days! :grin:
- By Dogz Date 20.12.16 14:38 GMT
Sorry Heather Watson wasn't mentioned.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 20.12.16 17:43 GMT
Surely Konta would be more likely? First British woman in top 10 for goodness knows how many years! :lol: But yes Watson has had a good year too - so many great sportsmen and women out there at the mo!
- By Dogz Date 24.12.16 21:29 GMT
Mixed doubles champion at Wimbledon, first British lady anywhere near that level for along while.
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