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- By Pan European [gb] Date 12.12.16 21:35 GMT Edited 12.12.16 21:48 GMT
Hi all ,
Friend of mine has a Trolley with wide wheels for sale ..Length is 25" wide 18" drop 20" will fit two cages plus free bungee straps .
she wants £35 .. the trolley has not been used much so is a real bargain for someone just starting in the show scene ..

I am in Newton Abbot .Devon .
- By Daeze [gb] Date 13.12.16 10:26 GMT
What size cages would fit on it, please?
I would need two 42 inch cages to fit.
I'm very close to Newton Abbot :)
- By Pan European [gb] Date 13.12.16 21:00 GMT
let me find out and get back to you :)
- By Pan European [gb] Date 13.12.16 21:03 GMT
The lady bred cavalier king charles so would be small cages ..she used to stack one on top of the other
- By Daeze [gb] Date 14.12.16 00:26 GMT
Thanks for getting back to me anyway :)
Up Topic Dog Boards / Bring and Buy / Cage for sale

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