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- By Admin (Administrator) Date 03.12.16 11:43 GMT Edited 03.12.16 11:45 GMT
German Wirehaired Pointer Bitch.

Missing from Wollerton, Shropshire since 28/11/16. 4 year old, Liver and White neutered bitch. Microchipped and collar with owners details on.

Tel: 07702269537 or 07802504482
- By MamaBas Date 04.12.16 09:53 GMT Upvotes 1
If not done already, and I've just looked but can't see her listed, contact Doglost with pic. and details.  They have a good record re reuniting missing dogs with owners.   I hope she's found and soon.   This isn't a good time of year to be out.   As if ANY is!!   Hopefully she has been picked up but equally (more!) hopefully she will be handed into the local Shelter.   And it's always a good idea to go to Shelters rather than via the phone/email.  Staff are not always good at identifying breeds, especially the less common ones and she could be in a Shelter under a different 'name'.
- By Agility tervs [gb] Date 04.12.16 15:11 GMT
Very true about identification problems. A number of years ago a border collie appeared in my garden. I was unable to take him in at the time so I took him to the local police station, told them he was a border collie (didn't want to confuse the issue saying he could be  a working sheepdog) and that if he wasn't claimed I would arrange for him to go to border collie rescue rather than risk him being PTS. The following day I had a phone call from somebody I knew at a local farm thanking me for rescuing her dog and saying that as he was predominately white in colour they had registered him as a crossbreed. I hadn't realised that she had a new dog although the slight aroma of pig should have given me a clue. He was ISSD registered not KC
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 07.12.16 11:37 GMT Upvotes 1
Fabulous news. Ella has been caught and is now back with her owners.
- By paxo Date 07.12.16 12:54 GMT
excellent news :grin:
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