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- By Nikita [gb] Date 14.11.16 08:45 GMT Upvotes 1
They're all coming out now!




I have to say M&S is winning it for me so far although Waitrose is a close second!
- By saxonjus Date 14.11.16 08:53 GMT
I love the Waitrose one very touching. M&S a closest conditions joint with John Lewis... Aldi no just weird the carrots without tops waiting to be eaten....
- By Nikita [gb] Date 14.11.16 09:03 GMT
Ah, knew I'd missed one!  I've not seen the Aldi one.  Off to youtube again then!
- By compassion [gb] Date 14.11.16 09:10 GMT
Getting us all in the xmas spirit (all good) Cheers Nikita.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 14.11.16 09:17 GMT
Adding the Aldi link!

And a brilliant extra Aldi one :D

I am oddly festive this year, normally I won't tolerate anything crimbish until the 1st of December - won't go in the crimbo aisles, won't look at the decs, won't watch the ads, nuffink.  This year?  All bets are off, I'm loving it all!
- By biffsmum [gb] Date 14.11.16 09:47 GMT
It's the Aldi ones for me, watched the Sainsbury's ad earlier this morning and didn't like it.
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 14.11.16 11:43 GMT
Saw the 'Famous Grouse' one yesterday, Not as good as some previous ones, I used to love the ones with the grouse 'strutting his stuff' :grin:

Presume the Coca Cola will be very 'samey' as in other years.:cry:
- By Brainless [gb] Date 14.11.16 18:47 GMT

> watched the Sainsbury's ad earlier this morning and didn't like it.

agree last years was brilliant:
- By sqwoofle [gb] Date 14.11.16 22:52 GMT
Just seen the M&S one, that's my current leader! Very heart warming!

And love R-Dolf the helecopter :D
- By saxonjus Date 15.11.16 06:16 GMT
Mog! Oh I loved Mog! I recall I went out after and brought 2 Mog books for my daughter in law who loved Mog as next year's Christmas present! I hid them and forgot lol..... as they are unofficially trying for baby will hold onto Mog!

This year's Sainsbury has such a lonnnnnnng! Advert. Good idea but too long and it got 9n my nerves. Bring back Mog.
- By saxonjus Date 15.11.16 06:18 GMT
Has Lidl/Morrison's brought their advert out yet?
- By suejaw Date 15.11.16 07:43 GMT
I wanted a Mog but they'd all but sold out. Don't have a JL near me or I would have tried for a Penguin which I believe was last year's one for them?
- By tooolz Date 15.11.16 09:30 GMT
Poor Kevin the Carrot....does he know what he's got in store? :eek:
- By St.Domingo Date 15.11.16 09:33 GMT
I lost the will to live before I got to the end of the Sainsbury one.
It's the carrot and the robin for me so far.
- By saxonjus Date 18.11.16 12:04 GMT
Heathrow Airport have released a Christmas Advert! It's quite good!
- By Nikita [gb] Date 18.11.16 13:41 GMT
Kaufland wins!
- By Jodi [gb] Date 18.11.16 14:01 GMT
And now for something completely different.

We flew to New Zealand last year and this was the inflight safety video made especially for all Lord of the Rings fans
- By saxonjus Date 18.11.16 17:01 GMT
Oh wow that's fantastic!
- By Jodi [gb] Date 18.11.16 17:28 GMT
Isn't it just? I think it must have been the most watched thing on the plane, everyone seemed to be giggling over it.
Love the New Zealanders, they have rare sense of humour
- By Brainless [gb] Date 18.11.16 23:11 GMT Edited 18.11.16 23:17 GMT Hobbit Men in Black All Blacks
Air New Zealand seem to have a series of them
- By Brainless [gb] Date 18.11.16 23:21 GMT
The Thompson one is really cute:
- By saxonjus Date 19.11.16 05:33 GMT Upvotes 1
Brainless thank you for making silly wide awake o'clock enjoyable! New Zealand Airline has a fabulous humour. I loved 'Jonno' as the devil...... Why can't Ryanair/Easyjet/Monarch/Emirates do the same quality and humour as NZ!
- By gsdowner Date 20.11.16 22:33 GMT Upvotes 1
ok forget the christmas ads....see if you can find the wwf tiger ad...
- By Jodi [gb] Date 21.11.16 12:30 GMT
I take it you mean this one

That had me reaching for the tissues
- By saxonjus Date 23.11.16 17:37 GMT
3 Carrott adverts! Preferring the last two than the original Carrott. Still waiting to see Lidl's advert.. I'm thinking of Tesco's bring it on as I've brought Mince pies today
- By Nikita [gb] Date 24.11.16 09:43 GMT

Nice enough but a bit underwhelming, really!
- By saxonjus Date 24.11.16 20:57 GMT
Thanks Nikita. It is a little underwhelming but the sentiment is touching.
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