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- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 12.11.16 20:16 GMT
I'm stuck and can't log matter how many times I press log out it isn't working. Any suggestions ??
- By Lexy [gb] Date 12.11.16 20:26 GMT
I never log out  but I'm the only one in the house who uses a puter....
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 12.11.16 20:30 GMT
LOL Lexy. Maybe I'll just leave well enough alone...I'm the only dog enthusiast in the house on my own computers and it causes no harm being left locked in. Thanks for replying
- By MamaBas Date 13.11.16 07:58 GMT
I don't log out .... I can't remember my log in info. most of the time so I stay logged in!!!
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 13.11.16 09:43 GMT
Delete your temporary internet files and cookies.
- By JeanSW Date 13.11.16 12:02 GMT Upvotes 1

> I never log out

Nope.  I think I've been logged in for 10 years.  LOL
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 13.11.16 15:07 GMT
Deleted temp files and everything....No change...Will just stay logged in as long as you'll have me
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