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- By St.Domingo Date 11.11.16 21:13 GMT
So we had anxiety caused by fireworks last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Panting, pacing, scratching, climbing etc. Wouldn't go out to wee before bed, and wouldn't eat. Very upsetting and frustrating for us all to watch.
Then Monday through to Thursday we had gradually  less anxiety each night, starting when it went dark and she was expecting fireworks.
Finally, last night, we had the first night of no anxiety at all - hurray !!
Tonight, fireworks again. Grrr...
- By Harley Date 11.11.16 21:28 GMT Upvotes 1
We have had fireworks going off every night for the past three weeks. I am so fed up with them and my firework phobic old boy is a wreck :sad:
- By JeanSW Date 11.11.16 21:42 GMT Upvotes 1
When I see the posts at this time of year I realise how very lucky I am.  Any reaction here is short lived.  I once adopted an older dog who was so frightened and nothing seemed to placate her.

However, my best dog surprise was my first Beaded Collie.  I don't like thunder and lightening at the best of times, but we had one of those electric storms that scared the pants off me.  I have a bay window in the front room, and had a two seater settee there with the back to the window.  My girl was stood on the back of the settee watching the fantastic show in the night sky.  I guess it looked beautiful to be fair, but she was mesmerised and her tail was wagging.  :cool:
- By Pebble [gb] Date 11.11.16 21:44 GMT
Sounds like my cat! Went out Bonfire night with dog but made sure I left the curtains open so he could watch them!
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 11.11.16 22:57 GMT Upvotes 1
Same here........And still my little female isn't over it.....she's is fine till about dark then she retreats to hide in the bedroom and shake with anticipation of a bang....If people only realised what effects they have on our pets.
- By MamaBas Date 12.11.16 09:03 GMT
We had them, albeit in the distance, all over the 5th weekend, and just as I thought it was all over, until the next wedding or other gathering, Wednesday we had some more - WEDNESDAY fgs.   This is getting ridiculous.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 12.11.16 20:44 GMT
We've had them again here tonight as well.  Please remember to log them via the FAB campaign page on FB.  I don't know why my thread about it was removed - it's not like the season is finished yet!  :sigh:
- By St.Domingo Date 12.11.16 21:25 GMT
We've had them again tonight :(
Another night without a wee before bed. That can't be good physically surely.
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