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- By 21stcenturyfox [gb] Date 22.10.16 11:45 GMT
Hi all,
I'm new to this and have been searching for a golden retriever puppy. I receive alerts when new litters are due or have arrived. When I contact the breeders I get no response. Is there a protocol for buying puppies or is it acceptable to simply contact the breeder to say I am interested.

Many thanks
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 22.10.16 12:10 GMT Upvotes 1
Welcome to the forum :grin: It's always a good idea to tell the breeders you contact, a little about yourself in your opening email. It's worth mentioning if you have had a dog before and your family set up and situation. Also, make sure you provide correct contact details so that the breeder can respond. One line emails eg: "I want a puppy and have you got any? " or "how much are your puppies?" tend to be ignored. It's always best to tell the breeder about yourself, as well as what it is that you are looking for.  Finally, breeders with litters may not respond straight away. If they have a litter on the ground then they are likely to be busy, so don't panic if you don't hear anything for a few days.
- By Ells-Bells [gb] Date 22.10.16 12:21 GMT
What area are you in and how far would you travel?
- By Shoe-dweller [gb] Date 22.10.16 12:27 GMT
- By MamaBas Date 22.10.16 13:08 GMT
Breeders are busy people, especially when they have a litter on the ground.   For starters.   It's possible they don't open their emails that often so I'd phone.   And try to pick a time when they are not likely to be tied up feeding (puppies or themselves!!), or exercising any adults they might have as well as the litter.

I used to take names for a book and when I had a litter on the ground, and one that had been whelped for several weeks, more than just whelped!!, would phone to see if they were still interested.

If breeders don't have a litter after all, for some reason, you won't hear from them either.   I know it's frustrating to be hanging around, but you might also consider checking with the Breed Club as some have a person who keeps a list of breeders with puppies available (used to at any rate!!).
- By Brainless [gb] Date 22.10.16 13:28 GMT
Also good breeders often have a waiting list which may well be full by the time pups are born (I still think it's rude not to answer emails, I reply to all).
- By 21stcenturyfox [gb] Date 22.10.16 13:43 GMT
Hi there,
thanks for responding,
I'm in the South East London area but am prepared to travel up to a 100 miles. there doesn't appear to be many nearby but I'll keep trying.
thank you
- By Brainless [gb] Date 22.10.16 15:21 GMT Upvotes 2
Check with the breed clubs, most have websites, for list of breeders and visit any that are planning litters.

This way you get to meet the breeder and the dogs without the distraction of puppies.

You then know if the temperament and looks of the dogs appeal and whether the breeder will be a person you can get on with, as hopefully they will be there to advise and help for the next 12 - 15 years.

It is crucially important that all the recommended health tests have been carried out for the parents of the litter, there just is no excuse on scrimping on this.  DNA tests for specific genetic issues can ensure (by correct mating of parents) that your pups cannot be affected by these problems, and hip elbow and clinical eye testing can stack the odds in your favour hugely.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 22.10.16 16:28 GMT
I was looking at GR puppies for sale on Champdogs yesterday and I noticed that there are not that many at the moment, only two pages rather then 4-5. Also noticed that a lot of lists have been closed due to demand, so still a very popular breed despite not seeing as many as I used to.
It may well be a good idea to check out breeders in your area from either Champdogs or the KC website and contact them to ask if they are planning a litter soon. This is what I did about four years ago when I was looking for the GR I have now. I ended up talking to a knowledgable breeder who was able to recommend people who I may not have found otherwise.
Whenever I emailed a breeder, I told them a bit about ourselves and that we were experienced in the breed. I made it a potted history rather then a huge long screed, but more then 'have you got any puppies left' as mentioned above.
As Brainless said, make sure the breeders are health and temperament tested.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 22.10.16 21:09 GMT Upvotes 4

> breeders are health and temperament tested.

This made me laugh, yes breeders need to be fit and have plenty of stamina and be good natured so as not to scare would be puppy owners.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 23.10.16 07:46 GMT
Ooops. That will teach me to read through my posts properly before hitting the button:grin:
- By Brainless [gb] Date 23.10.16 08:06 GMT
I often have horrendous typos, and nearly always need to edit.

It just gave me an amusing minds eye picture.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 23.10.16 11:37 GMT Upvotes 3
I now have a picture of a KC official, with a clipboard, doing the testing.
- By Jan bending [md] Date 23.10.16 13:46 GMT
I know of a very nice litter. Will PM you.
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