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- By Snowbaron [gb] Date 19.10.16 22:20 GMT Edited 20.10.16 09:34 GMT
I currently feed her on Symply with Naturediet and sometimes use Canagan.  I was considering swapping to Royal canin and feeding her the puppy food. She is 5 weeks pregnant and expecting 10 puppies.  We also have another extremely fussy pregnant who is normally fed Natural Instinct. At the moment she is preferring cooked chicken with a few dog biscuits.  Which is not ideal. I am going to try her on Naturediet puppy. What good would you recommend for a show type pregnant Labrador ? Royal Canin?
- By Brainless [gb] Date 19.10.16 22:57 GMT
look at the ingredients would not consider Royal Canin a good food compared to what you already feed.
- By Lexy [gb] Date 20.10.16 05:49 GMT Upvotes 1
Carry on & feed what you normally feed & no need to up the amounts to early or you will end up with either big puppies or a bad whelping or both. Puppies will grow the most in the last week/10 days. :wink:
- By Snowbaron [gb] Date 20.10.16 06:14 GMT Edited 20.10.16 06:21 GMT
It's reassuring to hear that.  I am going to carry on with the Symply and Naturediet. I may use also the Canagan too. Rosie is just 7 so  last litter probably. Thank you
- By Snowbaron [gb] Date 20.10.16 06:20 GMT Edited 20.10.16 09:35 GMT
Thanks for the advice Lexi . I may use the Canagan towards the end as it's an all lifestage food and there is the calcium content to worry about with the puppy foods. Thank you
- By MamaBas Date 20.10.16 07:27 GMT
Provided the bitch is on a good quality food (and from personal experience with RC, I'd not touch it) both before being mated and throughout the pregnancy, she doesn't need any change and certainly not 'puppy food'.   The puppies will be fine and take all they need before birth from mum.   Once you SEE how many puppies she has to cater for (on the ground - scans only show how many at the time of the scan and aren't always accurate either), then you up her food, not before.   Just as with a pregnant human, she doesn't need to be putting on excess weight.   Pregnant bitches are way better kept lean and trim, so she whelps easily and freely.   And fact is newborn puppies don't need lashings of milk so if she starts producing too much milk early days, she more likely to run into mastitis because the newborn can't draw it off fast enough.    Towards the end of her pregnancy you probably will need to drop off the bulk and concentrate on more protein, in several small meals a day instead of a couple of big ones too.   Her increased girth won't allow her to manage a big meal.

Once she's into feeding her litter, end of the first week going into the second, that's when she needs lots of food.   Not before.
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