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- By Treacle [gb] Date 18.10.16 14:57 GMT
Hi there
My 12 year old cat is quite scrawny so I took him to the vet. He is eating well - always squarking for food - I suspected thyroid or diabetes. Well he's had blood tests and thay are clear for that. However, they noticed that his heart rate is what they said abnormally high - 240 BPM. He is really stressed about going to the vets but they said it is too high even accounting for that. Now I have booked him in for them to look at his heart - that's what they said we need to do. He is absolutely fine in himself - any cat people got any views?
Thanks Jane
- By Pebble [gb] Date 18.10.16 22:41 GMT
Hi, cat person here - though not knowledgeable about fast heart rates,googled it and came across a forum that suggested thyroid probs,were missed by first blood tests. Didn't find anything else apart from a suggestion of possible cardiac problems. Hope your kitty stays well in himself and hope someone else can be more help - there are other cat owners on here.
- By Goldmali Date 18.10.16 22:47 GMT
Did they not check kidneys? Older skinny cats almost always equals kidney issues, and if added high blood pressure you can get the rapid heart rate.
- By kazz [gb] Date 19.10.16 15:04 GMT
Going to say did they check his kidney function Both my two cats when older had kidney faliure and before diagnosed Oscar had a rapid heart beat.
Always promised myself that if I get another cat I would add water into their food from day 1.
Found it also helped Oscar and Cleo having water added to their wet food., after diagnosis. Best of luck
- By Treacle [gb] Date 19.10.16 18:49 GMT
Ok thanks everyone - I will take him for the tests and will in the meantime add water to food - can't do any harm. Will report back and in the meantime - am happy to hear any other input
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 19.10.16 20:15 GMT
I took my 8 year old cat for an annual check laat week and stranglybhia heart rate waa also 240 .bey retook it after he went back into his crate and waa less stressed.dowm to 200. Although apparently this o sin the top.emd we have decided that as there are enough other symptoms to keep an eye on him for now. He is a well rounded 4.2 kg buy next idea if it continues is thyroid
- By Treacle [gb] Date 21.10.16 13:01 GMT
Thanks for everyone's help
Minstrel has spent the morning at the vet. His heart is def dodgy - it's galloping and the walls are thickened. Not causing him any probs at the mo, but she's probably going to start him on tablets which will support. I am going to start giving him some better cat food - Royal canin for seniors. I am collecting him later today.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 21.10.16 16:30 GMT
hope he feels better soon with some medication. also a high meat content wet would be better than any of the dry foods , cats need lots of fluid in their diet as they arnt good at drinking  , something like bozita or animonda carney are highest both available or the highest I can find from zooplus
- By kazz [gb] Date 21.10.16 17:55 GMT Edited 21.10.16 18:03 GMT
Not a vet but I discovered as I said before to add water was a benefit and I gave up on dried food and went with wet. Neither of mine would touch the special vet food......:roll: I hope all goes well it is worrying but I have a side note Oscar was 18 when he was diagnosed with Chronic Renal failure I had to stop holidays as everyone was dubious about watching him 2 years later I went back to holidays and Oscar was 24th when I had him PTS.
His litter sister Cleo was diagnosed with CRF at 20 and lived till she was a week short of her 25th.

I wish you all the best.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 21.10.16 20:48 GMT
Wow that's some age how wonderful.ahree re wet I am feeding mine raw at last although one is still trying to resist and wants her kibble .
- By Treacle [gb] Date 22.10.16 05:13 GMT
Minstrel has been sent home with ace inhibitors to help his heart and some super dooper canin cat food which will help support. They have checked his kidneys and one if them is slightly dodgy. The heart pills and diet will help with that too. I am going away today fora week and am slightly anxious about leaving him.
- By saxonjus Date 22.10.16 23:35 GMT
Hope he improves...had emergency visit to vet this am as my cat last night coughed up white frothy foam then cherry red blood..... In am white foam took to vets in cat basket on bus!,,,, I will when I feel it's necessary book vet app especially at weekends.Gave cat injection antibiotics and painkiller thanks blood from upper stomach/respiratory  as gulping when examined throat.... said feed water and minced chicken tomorrow... Call in am if same see vet again...

Footnote after injections in am looked better.begging food 6pm. 9pm I sliced chopped fresh chicken into tiny portions.. He ate purred drank lots of water and looks more content than 48 hrs ago.
- By kazz [gb] Date 25.10.16 16:44 GMT
How is Minstrel now?.And hope you enjoyed your break away.
- By kazz [gb] Date 25.10.16 16:45 GMT
How is he now?
- By Treacle [ca] Date 26.10.16 08:58 GMT
He is doing ok. Thx. I am still away but receiving reports from his band of visitors. I am taking him back to the vets next week.
- By Treacle [gb] Date 06.11.16 05:20 GMT Upvotes 4
Update on Minstrel. He has been on heart meds and Royal Canin stage 2 cat food for 2 weeks now. I originally took him to vets due to weight loss. I noticed that he was squeezing through the stairgate, which he'd not been able to do before. Anyway as couple of days ago I had to guffaw with laughter as he got stuck trying to get through the stairgate. He has gained .2 of a kilo and looks so much better. His fur is shiny and thick again. Actually looks like a different cat. So pleased.
- By kazz [gb] Date 08.11.16 07:02 GMT
Really pleased to here he is now officially "chubby" long may it continue.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 08.11.16 09:09 GMT
So pleased for him and you. Laughing at Stairgate incident
- By Pebble [gb] Date 11.11.16 21:27 GMT
Brilliant! Hate seeing them unwell,mine had cystitis earlier this year (I suspect stress from seeing his 'brother' cat killed). The Royal Canin food he had for that cleared it up but left his coat horribly dull and gave him dandruff so know how good it feels to see them shiny again!
- By Treacle [gb] Date 28.11.16 10:13 GMT Upvotes 1
Taking Minstrel back to the vet for a check up today. He has gained 10 % of his body weight in a month. Maybe she'll  put him on a diet!
- By kazz [gb] Date 28.11.16 19:10 GMT
Oh good I thought about you and Minstrel, glad all is going well.
- By Treacle [gb] Date 28.11.16 19:50 GMT Upvotes 1
Vet happy with him. He has to go back in 3 months.
- By kazz [gb] Date 29.11.16 19:25 GMT Upvotes 1
Why did you bring the vet home........?:roll:
- By Treacle [gb] Date 18.12.16 09:30 GMT
Are you here all week . Lol!,
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