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Up Topic Dog Boards / Rainbow Bridge / Charlie 1/11/2007-17/09/2016
- By Kate H [ie] Date 14.10.16 18:32 GMT
It's been nearly a month since my beautiful St Bernard Charlie became ill and I had to make the devastating decision to give him peace. He was a couple of months short of his 9th birthday.
It seems like yesterday that I made the two hour trip to collect him as a 12 week old puppy. He was so sweet and sat and presented me with a paw to shake.
I miss everything about my gentle boy. The way he  plodded upstairs every night, smelled under my bedroom door to make sure I was there and plopped down on the landing to sleep. I miss his snores and how he kicked the bedroom door in his sleep. I miss his calm and comforting presence beside me wherever I went.
I miss how he would give his dinner or treats away to any of my other dogs or even the cats. I miss that paw shake, the slobbery kisses given with such delight.
Before he fell asleep for the last time in our van we went for walkies in, he gave me two kisses on the chin and then he was given rest and his heart of gold left this world.
I don't have children and my dogs are my whole world. They are quite simply my family. I am truly heartbroken and he is such a massive loss to my house. I don't think anyone realises quite how much. My other dogs tried to wake him up with kisses when we came home and they miss him too.
I just wanted to mark his passing here with people who know how hard it is to lose a dog. Sleep well my lovely boy. There have been an ocean of tears shed for you.
- By Merrypaws [gb] Date 14.10.16 18:57 GMT
I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I've been there, and understand how you feel. Charlie sounds such a special loving boy, no wonder you miss him so.
- By JeanSW Date 14.10.16 19:00 GMT Upvotes 2
I am so sorry for the loss of Charlie, you've shed an ocean of tears and will shed an ocean more.  To love a dog this much means that, for sure, he will have felt that love.  He sounds such a gentle loving boy.  He has left paw prints on your heart and will wait for you at rainbow bridge.

I live alone and don't have kids, so know just how it is to have dogs as family.  Believe me when I say I know your grief.  xx
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 15.10.16 06:40 GMT
A lovely tribute to your special boy.

Totally understand how you feel. xxx
- By Kate H [ie] Date 18.02.17 21:19 GMT
Funny how I was doing well and suddenly I miss my big dog. Thinking of you lovely Charlie.
- By Lacy Date 18.02.17 22:35 GMT
Feel for you, lost my soul mate almost a year ago & although the grief has eased, the pain can still be as intense. Likewise I don't have children & too be honest prefer dogs. Take care, just hold on to all those special years & memories.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 19.02.17 15:46 GMT
I also lost a very special dog last year and know the pain you are feeling, it will ease and you will be able to talk about him without crying, time does make it more bearable but for now please know that you are not alone.
- By Gundog Girl [gb] Date 19.02.17 17:04 GMT
I have a friend whose father lost his St Bernard 10 years ago. Even now when she phones him and ask's how he is he will say 'I'm OK, I'm doing fine, but I miss my big dog'. Grief has a funny way of hiding under the surface and then, with some simple trigger, can hit you like a steam train. Charlie sounds like he was a lovely dog.

There is a poem on the Newgraden Newfoundlands website, just follow the link below,

Be prepared though, have tissues, cracks me up every time I read it. Hope it helps, GG xo
- By JeanSW Date 19.02.17 21:08 GMT
{{{{  HUGS  }}}}
- By Kate H [ie] Date 19.02.17 21:49 GMT
Many thanks for the kind words. It's a great help to know people understand how hard it is to lose a dog.
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