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- By Nikita [gb] Date 05.10.16 09:02 GMT Upvotes 1
When I'm not working, living, sleeping and breathing dogs, I have a small flock of japanese quail in my spare room.  Japs lay wherever they happen to be standing when the egg arrives, and they don't sit on their eggs - at least, very rarely, because they are environmentally cued to do it and living in close quarters with a lot of other birds tends to stop those cues from taking hold.

But not always.

My favourite little bird, Roan, has been sat on eggs for a few weeks now and yesterday, her first chick hatched!  This is Oy :grin:

I've no idea how many more will hatch or if indeed any will - the theoretical hatching start date was 6 days ago and it's been a bit of a rocky road as Roan has some leg trouble as well, and she picked an awful spot to nest so I've had to come up with something to separate her from the others without moving the nest (tried it, she lost all interest immediately) so she's currently living in the top half of a parrot cage plonked over the nest site!  Once she's stopped sitting on the eggs altogether I can move her and the chick(s) into the brooder pen but for now, it's just a case of wait and see!
- By kazz [gb] Date 05.10.16 09:07 GMT
Welcome to the World  "Oy" lovely name and what a nice "hobby" to keep birds my local garden centre (provately owned not big shed) has some JQuail in their bird enclosure  with some finches.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 05.10.16 09:14 GMT
That's the big plan for mine, funnily enough - I'll be building a big aviary in spring and there will be finches occupying the top half.
- By kazz [gb] Date 05.10.16 21:31 GMT
Well I have to tell you it looks great. Look forward to hearing how you progress
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 06.10.16 20:58 GMT
I used to raise Japanese Quail long time ago in NZ. They remind me of little bumble bees when they hatch and oh so cute.
Hatching is hit and miss and sure hope more hatch for you. Only advise is keep the chicks away from any water bowls or rain...Dont know what it is that does it but if they climb into mother's water bowl even if it's shallow and they get wet they will die. Good luck with further babies
- By Nikita [gb] Date 07.10.16 08:31 GMT Upvotes 1
The water bowl is tiny with pebbles in so littlun can't drown, and mother is keeping it nice and warm.

Well, it's all in my hands now - Oy is an only child for Roan it seems, she's abandoned the rest of the eggs but they are still viable.  I have no incubator, so I'm trying find one to borrow or come up with an alternative!
- By Nikita [gb] Date 09.10.16 11:10 GMT
Right, fingers arenow very firmly crossed.  I have an "incubator" (polybox, heat mat, thermometer, trays to get the eggs lifted to the right temp) and I've candled - three definitely live chicks, five definite chicks but don't know if they're alive - it's hard to see movement in quail eggs - two probably duff but not sure, and two full of air so those have gone.

In theory we're on day 1 so if this has worked they should be hatching sometime over the next 3-5 days.  Might be a little longer with all the disruption.
- By kazz [gb] Date 09.10.16 17:13 GMT
Ohhh well done fingers crossed here. Come on the eggs...........
- By Nikita [gb] Date 10.10.16 09:38 GMT
Talk about keeping me on my toes!  Incubator went into lockdown last night for the last few days before hatching, to keep everything stable.  Sat here 5 minutes ago, and suddenly we all hear very loud cheeping from the incubator and through a door - the dogs were as surprised as me!

Meet Station, the little tibetan tuxedo (chocolate and white) I've been hoping against hope I would get :grin:  He/she won't be the last chick - the egg on the right at the bottom has been wiggling away this morning, and hopefully there will be more from the others too!
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 10.10.16 09:56 GMT
I love baby quail. They're like little bumble bees running about :lol:
- By kazz [gb] Date 10.10.16 10:00 GMT
:grin::grin::grin: So pleased just done  12 hour shift at work and about to go to sleep when I thought have to check the quails...........Welcome to the world little bird........
- By Nikita [gb] Date 10.10.16 11:30 GMT
Station's certainly getting a wiggle on now, the eggs are all over the place!  Number two is on the way too :grin:
- By kazz [gb] Date 10.10.16 22:03 GMT
How and why do you choose the names you do?  and hope the others appear soon.

Why did you start keeping the quail  and do they suit well in the spare room.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 11.10.16 11:44 GMT
I had them originally years ago but was thinking about having them again last year.  Then a lone male popped up on FB for rehoming, so I nabbed him and set about finding him some girls.  Then got a few more :grin:

They are doing well in the spare room - I've had to section most of it off for them (small room) as they were getting grumpy in the pen I had them in, but it's working well until I can get them outside.

Chick #2 has appeared - I had to rescue him this morning as he'd pipped a hole then stopped, and was actually drying out inside the egg!  So Rufus is now here :grin:

Unfortunately, my electric meter seems to have gone greedy again and it ran out while I was at work this morning - came back to a cold incubator, a very nearly dead Station and #3 as-yet-unhatched was dead in the egg.  I am fuming and upset.

Station and Rufus are both recovering well now they've got heat again though, and I'll be watching that poxy meter like a hawk!  I doubt the other eggs will hatch now, although I'll candle them again tonight to check.  No sign of pipping and if one as close to hatching as #3 died, well, I doubt they'll have survived (if they weren't dead already).

Names are on a theme of male sci-fi/fantasty characters from books or shows I love - Roan (pronounced rowan) is Prince Roan from The 100; Station is the alien dude that saves the day is Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and Rufus is the good teacher from the Bill & Ted films!  Oy is after Oy the billy-bumbler animal in Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  If #3 had hatched, it would have been Stu after Stu Redman in The Stand.  Boys and girls get boys' names with my quail - that started way back with my very first one that got called Colin before I knew how to sex them :razz:
- By kazz [gb] Date 11.10.16 17:59 GMT
I thought it may be sci fi related (also a fan myself) but was not 100% sure, hence the question.

Thats annoying about the electric but pleased Station and Rufus are fine and fingers crossed for the other eggs.
- By Alfieshmalfie Date 12.10.16 18:00 GMT
I'm very much a lurker on this board but do read everything. I had to comment on this though. I've had birds most of my life and had rare breed bantams and ducks for a long time. I'm not able to keep them in this house due to the deeds :(  but I can keep a few quail as pets (indoors) Is it possible to message you with some questions please?

Oy, Station and Rufus are just adorable. So tiny!
- By Nikita [gb] Date 12.10.16 18:42 GMT
By all means, I'm no expert though!  Very much an amateur.  But I'm always happy to share what I know :)

Re. the deeds - it might be worth you asking on the gardenlaw forums.  My deeds say I'm not allowed any chickens, waterfowl or livestock but I asked on there and the consensus was that it's basically unenforceable as it's so old (post-war build) and two doors down, in a house of the same batch that is still owned by the council, they have chickens and ducks.  On the Backyard Chickens forum I believe there's a bit about how to remove the restrictions too, although I've not looked at it.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 16.10.16 17:56 GMT
I have binned the remaining eggs now.  I gave them a few more days and candled them a couple more times and no signs of life, and I opened them up last night and they were very, definitely dead.  Not fully developed either.

I'll be saving up for a proper incubator now and getting some eggs from a breeder with some interesting colours next year, and doing it properly next time!
- By Nikita [gb] Date 01.11.16 20:09 GMT
Random update!  All three chicks are doing very well now.  I've got them in together, Roan's legs were just getting too bad with a chick and chick food so she's on a better diet and improving nicely.

Oy is now four weeks old and the others three, and for all my questioning over what colour Rufus was going to turn out, he's turned out the same as Station, both tibetans!  Although only a couple of white splashes so he's not a full tuxedo like Station is.  Gorgeous patterning on his feathers too!
- By Carrington Date 01.11.16 21:14 GMT
How wonderful......congratulations! Super cute. :smile:
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 01.11.16 21:27 GMT
Awww Now that's some sweet chicks :grin:
- By Nikita [gb] Date 05.11.16 20:52 GMT Upvotes 1
There will be some more newbies on the way next week :)  Not chicks - these will be mature hens.  I've been trying to get the hang of sexing them as their colours can't be sexed by colour/pattern.  Finally got to grips with it today (with a lot of practice on the adults and comparisons, everyone was a bit fed up by the time I'd managed it!), and I've got a girl (Oy) and two boys.

That gives me 4 boys to 4 girls - not a good ratio for these guys, especially as I know Nathaniel (my first male) is a bully come breeding season.  So I'm off to a local breeder to pick up 7 hens next friday :)  He's got some interesting colours - I'm keeping it so I can identify each bird easily with a quick look, so they all have to be different.  With luck I'll have silver, platinum and what looks like an interesting creamy version of a tibetan, if that one turns out to be a hen, and some others :)
- By Nikita [gb] Date 14.11.16 13:33 GMT Upvotes 1

Deckard, Wesley and Colin



And Blaine and Inigo.  So much for mature hens only - these two are 4 and 3 weeks old!

Roan has left me now, I let her go last Monday.  Her legs started to get worse again and when I went in to check on her the last time, she just looked so fed up and sore.  Colin has arrived in her memory - Roan was a solid tibetan colour like Colin is (no white marks unlike the others), and Colin is named after my very first quail who, like Roan, was a very special little bird.
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