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- By Cockadoodledoo [gb] Date 25.09.16 21:41 GMT
Hello :cool::grin::lol:

Im looking around for dog number 2 lol

I want to work it in obedience and agility, I love the boldness of the cocker spaniels and springers. Im based in Liverpool too, but have 2 lovely big parks near by

but...... I not feeling ready until after christmas, so............. do any breeders on here have a waiting list for up until after christmas, if so Let me know xxxx:cool:

- By saxonjus Date 26.09.16 16:26 GMT
Hello and welcome... have you checked the litters on CD?
- By Cockadoodledoo [gb] Date 26.09.16 16:57 GMT

no haven't checked litters

- By Brainless [gb] Date 26.09.16 19:48 GMT
Contact the breed clubs, many will have breeder listings, and champdog breeder listings . 

Many good breeders rarely advertise usually having enough people on their waiting list so only the occasional pup may be available due to cancellation, large litter or a skewed sex litter.
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