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- By cabubo [gb] Date 22.09.16 01:11 GMT
Hi everyone.
I used to be a member on here many moons ago, and have decided to reappear,  as i'm getting a new staffy butch pup next month,  after losing my 13.5 year old Candy recently :(
I am both excited beyond belief,  n also a bit nervous about how my old boy Buddy will get on with her :eek:
I know it will be a massive change for us all, so am here to share the ups n downs with you all,  n probably ask for advice ;)
- By saxonjus Date 22.09.16 17:35 GMT
Hello. Hope your pups arrival starts the journey of happiness and new adventures together
- By cabubo [gb] Date 22.09.16 18:32 GMT
Thanks for the lovely welcome :grin:
- By JeanSW Date 22.09.16 20:05 GMT
Welcome back cabubo.  :smile:

Your old boy may not want a boisterous pup jumping all over him.  But, he should naturally put her in her place, and tell her what the boundaries are.  I remember when I got my second Bearded Collie, my older girl ran and hid behind the settee for 2 weeks.  They're all different.

But losing a dog is heart breaking, and, while we will never forget, it does help to have the work of a new pup.  Although sometimes we forget just how much hard work they are!  I do hope that she settles in well for you.   

- By Shoe-dweller [gb] Date 22.09.16 21:22 GMT
Welcome. Looking forward to reading about the new puppy. Good luck!
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