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- By Lacy Date 23.07.16 14:02 GMT
O.K. know I've done the wrong thing by feeding it but looking starved & in this weather can't leave it without water. It's very nervous but gradually allowing me to get closer before it dives for cover or hisses, but for those of you with cats, why oh why does it spend it's time staring at me through the window??
- By JeanSW Date 23.07.16 14:49 GMT
I don't know enough about cats but the expert is Goldmali.  Hopefully she will see your post.  :smile:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 23.07.16 15:40 GMT
once you have gained its trust enough  I would get it checked for chip. its possibly  lost and maybe used to being inside or as a lot of cats are nosey but either way if it looking like it needs some help I would be too the vet . Ps I don't breed cats as goldimali does but have always had cats and did a very short stint with rescueto resolve a feral problem locally
- By Lacy Date 23.07.16 16:27 GMT
Thank you both, the last thing I need at the moment is a cat, OH laughs that it is Lucas reincarnated!!!
At least it's giving our deaf & blind boy exercise as it's scents it around the garden but imagine poor thing is covered in fleas, very spooky going into the kitchen late at night to find it with it's nose up to the glass watching. At the moment can't get close enough to even think about catching it.
- By Quietgirl7 [gb] Date 23.07.16 17:29 GMT
My guess would be that it is curious about this person who has fed it, and is maybe also thinking about whether it would like to be in the house with you but hasn't plucked up the courage to try, which is why it's watching you through the window. Cats are very nosey creatures.  In my previous house the neighbour's cat spent several weeks staking our house from a nearby garden bench before deciding to come through the catflap much to the disgust of our cat (didn't have a dog then).
- By Goldmali Date 23.07.16 17:46 GMT
It probably really wants to move in and is wanting to observe you safely with a window in between. :) Cats always decide for themselves what to do and you've started gaining trust by feeding. That was how I got one of my most special cats ever -I'd fed him and one day after a few weeks he just walked in and then he stayed for the next 14 years.

If you don't want to continue and ultimately let the cat move in, I'd contact Cats Protection (doubt the RSPCA would bother) and see if they can help to trap it and then help it settle and eventually be rehomed.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 23.07.16 18:41 GMT
Cats protection who will read chip amd then if needed rehome. Wouldn't  go near rspca to much risk of pts if not cats protection Google cat rescues in your area
- By Lacy Date 23.07.16 21:08 GMT
ff, wouldn't. If we can eventually catch & don't want to frighten or stress it anymore, take it or anything else near rspca.
Used to take birds there, they'd happily take our donation (£20.00+) but didn't find out for many years that they don't have the facilities & they were probably disposed of before we'd got out of the gate!
If it wasn't for the nature of our work & having a blind, deaf scent hound (in his last weeks or months) who's always thought cats were only good for chasing (he's not been socialised with them) would be more at ease with it around. But typically me I've bought food for it from the cash & carry so it's O.K for some time, it's already changing the nature of our small garden, slow worms have disappeared, can't feed the black birds that come to the window as found it eating the sultanas, but hey ho. Good idea about 'cats protection', though now they are swamped here on the island.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 24.07.16 06:21 GMT
Contact the Cats Protection and see if you can get it trapped, if it's pregnant then you could end up with a feral colony in a fairly short time, they will scan it and if you would like it back they may do the neutering for free, sadly there are far too many cats in rescue and feral.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 24.07.16 07:06 GMT
sounds like a call to cats protection or other is the way to go. If the cat is around long enough to change the status of your garden it needs trapping and rehoming asap. It is possible that it is someone's pet and it could e reunited. Completely understand why you cant add a cat to your home/As mxdpack says it is possible it suneutered in which case male or female it will be adding to the cat population too. when ringing cats protection make it clear you think its a stray , not feral, and that you cant foster or home that way its more than likely they will be able to help.
- By Lacy Date 30.12.16 20:14 GMT Upvotes 3

Continued to feed the cat who's taken up residency in the summer house, door slightly open, but  flap to be installed.
After posting locally a 'lady' did come round & said it was hers, male, neutered, chipped & called Rio but didn't want it back!  Attempts to trap previously with no success until yesterday after it became apparent that 'it' was more than likely in heat, having spent three days, agitated & calling non stop around the clock.
So having caught it took it to a lady who works with the local feral & stray population here on the Island, in attempting to remove from the cage it was obviously feral, did it fight, up the wall, biting & scratching, no chip could be found in the melee & although difficult to be certain with a long coat, female.
Today was spayed, micro chipped with my details, named Freya & released back in the garden, according to the lady from rescue she's a Maine Coon & would not have tolerated containment so better released. She's eaten & biscuits, water & tuna available for her in the summer house, just hope that she'll settle, it's taken 6 months for her to stop spitting!

All the Best for the New Year.
- By kazz [gb] Date 31.12.16 09:44 GMT
Just caught thhis and the update is the reason why so Freya is a resident; Happy New Year Freya.......
- By saxonjus Date 31.12.16 17:05 GMT
Freya has a good end to 2016 and a fabulous 2017 home....
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