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Up Topic Dog Boards / Rainbow Bridge / Custer 18-9-2007 _ 12-7-2016
- By minnie mouses [gb] Date 16.07.16 11:36 GMT
We lost our darling boy to a tumour on the lungs his heart was normal, vet said that had we took him in earlier it would not have saved him.
And we did the right thing. He was not in any pain and he died on the table at the vets. We are so devastated to lose him our beloved boy
his brother so lost without him looking for him. We will always miss him he was one of my favourite boys. RIP my beloved miss you so much.
- By paxo Date 16.07.16 14:57 GMT
so sorry for your loss ....hugs to you
- By Lacy Date 16.07.16 20:01 GMT
So very very sorry, take care & best wishes.
- By JeanSW Date 16.07.16 20:41 GMT
I know the hurt you're feeling and it doesn't make it hurt any the less knowing that you did the right thing.

Run free at the bridge Custer.  RIP xx
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 17.07.16 06:56 GMT
So sorry for your loss, it never gets any easier and hurts every time, look after yourself  xx
- By Pipsmom [gb] Date 17.07.16 18:51 GMT
So very sorry for your loss
Up Topic Dog Boards / Rainbow Bridge / Custer 18-9-2007 _ 12-7-2016

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