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Up Topic Dog Boards / Rainbow Bridge / Baloo Bear 08/01/04 - 28/06/16
- By lunamoona [gb] Date 01.07.16 10:44 GMT
My Baloo went to the bridge on Tuesday, it was all so sudden. When I got up in the morning he was panting and pacing, this is pretty normal behaviour for him so I wasn't too worried but he refused his breakfast which hadn't happened in a while.

I had to take my little boy to school but my gut told me he was in pain, he was very arthritic but I wasn't able to give him his morning Metacam as he hadn't eaten so I gave him a Tramadol instead. I still had this feeling that something was very wrong, I checked his tummy as I always worry about bloat but it felt normal and he didn't react. He lay down on his bed and I told my little boy to give him a hug and a kiss as he was going to the vet and I didn't think he was going to come home.

When I returned home he was still on his bed which has never happened before, he always waited for me at the door. He wasn't panting as much and looked pretty normal but I phoned the vet right away, I just had a feeling of dread and took him straight away. It is literally just a 5 minute walk to the vet, he was walking slower than normal but still stopped to sniff things along the way.

The vet gave him a thorough check, she checked his tummy too but found nothing except his heart was racing and he was dehydrated. She sent the vet nurse to their main branch which is 15 minutes away so she could bring the ambulance and transport him for tests and x-rays. I left him there and walked home but as I was walking through my door the phone was ringing, he was going downhill fast and wasn't going to make it to the other branch, he was bloating with a gastric torsion.

I ran back to the vets to be with him, his stomach was suddenly huge and I held his head and kissed his face as he was given peace in the exact same room his litter brother has been given peace 6 years earlier.

How do I describe just how wonderful he was. He was fiercely loyal, loved his family with a passion although being a Chow he wasn't into lots of cuddles. He loved us so much that he couldn't bear for us to go out or even up to bed and this led to a routine known as Baloo proofing the house. Every time I went out I would have to close the curtains to stop him jumping up at the windows, move the fire guard to put round the sofa to stop him jumping on it as a way to get on the window sill. I would have to lock the door between him and my other Chow to stop him taking his anxiety out on him and remember to keep the door between the lounge and the porch open to stop it being chewed off it's hinges. When I was home he would take himself off to be by himself or with my other Chow, relaxed now that he knew I was safe.

He was smarter than was good for him but also cheeky and funny. One day my Doberman was annoying him when he was sitting on the deck, she was running up and down in front of him getting closer each time. He was having to sit up straighter so she didn't graze his nose, he started to frown and then I watched him briskly lift his front leg up just as she was passing and she went flying, landed on her face and skidded into a tumbled heap. He just carried on sitting like nothing had happened.

He was devastated when he lost his litter brother to stomach cancer, he lost his sparkle for at least 6 months which was only regained when we bought another Chow. My Chows live very happily with other breeds but only really interact with each other, they are funny like that. My Doberman and pugs haven't noticed he's gone just like they didn't notice when his brother went but Thor is very depressed, he is an only Chow now and is likely to remain so as all my Chows have had bad health, even though they have come from good lines.

Sleep well Boo Bear, life will never be the same again, you were one in a million. Run free with your brother Balto and I will comfort Thor, the dear friend you left behind.

- By Jodi [gb] Date 01.07.16 11:01 GMT
How devastating for you, I'm so sorry. Glad you were with him at the end it would have given him much peace and comfort.

Run free Baloo
- By RozzieRetriever Date 01.07.16 11:21 GMT
Such a sad story, he sounds like he was a real character. Thinking of you.
- By Lacy Date 01.07.16 12:51 GMT
So very sorry, sending 'hugs' & thinking of you.
- By Dogz Date 01.07.16 13:08 GMT
Biggest of hugs for you.....
- By suejaw Date 01.07.16 15:34 GMT
Oh hun. As before I so very sorry for your loss. Sat here with tears streaming down my face. He sounded such a wonderful dog to live with. Forever in your heart xxx
- By JeanSW Date 01.07.16 18:35 GMT
Such a wonderful tribute to a much loved boy.  I feel your pain and know that Baloo will wait for you at the bridge.

RIP  xx
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