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- By nalvage [gb] Date 10.06.16 15:15 GMT Upvotes 3
This Tuesday 7th June, our Missy at 10.5 years old passed from this world, peacefully and laying in my arms. She was a lady to the last moment - she never liked getting her paws wet and in later life would always turn over on her back when moved on/off the bed so she could be carried. She has left a huge hole in our life, and our other Cav misses her terribly. For the first few days the pain of losing her was unbearable. She was a wonderful friend and teacher. Until we meet again my angel.
Attachment: Missy.jpg - Our Angel Missy (57k)
- By Harley Date 10.06.16 15:39 GMT Upvotes 1
Run free Missy
- By RootyTooty [gb] Date 12.06.16 12:39 GMT Upvotes 1
What a pretty little girl. It's always a heart breaking time but what a nice way to say goodbye, peacefully and in your arms. Try and take some comfort from this. X
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 12.06.16 13:49 GMT Upvotes 1
How very sad, lovely though that she passed away with the person that she loved best
- By paxo Date 12.06.16 17:30 GMT
so sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful girl..R.I.P Missy
- By Carrington Date 12.06.16 18:34 GMT
So sorry, it is very hard, we've all sobbed until it hurts when we lose our loyal companions.

She was a beauty, RIP Missy. x
- By Brainless [gb] Date 12.06.16 19:43 GMT
So sad to loose one so relatively young
- By Treacle [gb] Date 13.06.16 00:44 GMT
Sorry. What a sad time.
- By Merrypaws [gb] Date 13.06.16 11:16 GMT
So sorry for your loss, such a pretty girl.
- By JeanSW Date 13.06.16 11:26 GMT
So sorry that you have lost your Angel Missy.  Such a precious girl.

Run free sweetheart.  xx
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