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Up Topic Dog Boards / Rainbow Bridge / Missy 24/04/03-26/05/16
- By ali-t [gb] Date 28.05.16 09:30 GMT
My beloved Staffy Missy went to Rainbow Bridge on Thursday evening.  She was my oldie who had been with me most of my adult life and has seen me through the good times and the bad.  Definitely a dog in a million and the reason I came to Champdogs 14 years ago in my search for the right dog and for support through all the mayhem.  Missy you have left a huge pawprint on my heart and are missed so much.  Run free baby girl xxx
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 28.05.16 10:18 GMT
So very sad for you, you had a wonderful life together and the memories will be happy ones,  everyone on here will know the pain of losing a beloved companion
- By Lacy Date 28.05.16 11:52 GMT
So very sorry, a dogs life is far to short. Best wishes.
- By Harley Date 28.05.16 18:55 GMT
Really sorry Ali - run free Missy x
- By chaumsong Date 29.05.16 16:12 GMT
So sorry to read this.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 29.05.16 16:34 GMT Upvotes 1
Thanks for the support, I am still at the point where i think i can still hear her in the morning and catch glimpses of her out the corner of my eye. She brought so much to my life and opened up a new world to me x
- By JeanSW Date 29.05.16 19:07 GMT
Ali I am truly sorry, it's never easy is it.  Thinking of you.

Run free Missy.  RIP  xx
- By saxonjus Date 30.05.16 09:46 GMT
Sorry for your loss. ...
- By ali-t [gb] Date 02.06.16 12:30 GMT
Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts. xx
Up Topic Dog Boards / Rainbow Bridge / Missy 24/04/03-26/05/16

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