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- By Tigerlilytilly [gb] Date 17.04.16 16:52 GMT
On the 1/11/15 Tilly was born along with her brothers & sisters to her very proud parents. From the moment we went to see her to decide which puppy we fell in love with her.
On the 27/12/15 Tilly was 8 weeks old we took her home to meet her new family and our other yorkie Timmy. It was so exciting for for everyone she was so adorable and such a sweet girl. Timmy wasn't too impressed at first but after a few weeks they became great friends and she followed him everywhere. Timmy treated her like his little sister and they used to snuggle up together in their basket. We always wanted another yorkie to be a great companion for Timmy.
On 6/2/16 when Tilly was 14 weeks old we noticed that something was not quite right with our Tilly as her behaviour started to change. She started bumping into things as if she couldn't see. We rushed her to our vets who sent us straight to the specialist for Mri and further testing. The specialist wanted to keep her in for few days for further testing and observe her behaviour to find out exactly was going on with her brain. It was a horrible waiting game waiting for test results and outcome over those few days.
On 9/2/16 we finally got Tilly's results but they were very grave. Sadly we were told that Tilly had congenital hydrocephalus which some puppies are born with but doesn't always show until they are 3/4 months old. The specialist told us he could operate on her and put a shunt in to drain the fluid but because she was so young there is the risk we could lose her. We were so upset what an awful cruel disease. Tilly was due to have the operation on the Thursday but sadly the day before she took a turn for the worse and we had to make that heart wrenching decision to let her go.
On 10/2/16 Our beautiful little girl Tilly passed away in my arms. She touched so many hearts and we miss her terribly. But we know she has passed over rainbow bridge. Run free little one. Thankyou for being part of our lives. Always in our heart.
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- By Jodi [gb] Date 18.04.16 08:12 GMT
I am so sorry, what an absolutely terrible thing to happen, words aren't just enough. Lots of virtual hugs coming your way especially for little Timmy who must be wondering where his new friend has gone.
- By JeanSW Date 18.04.16 10:58 GMT
So very sorry.  She has left pawprints on your heart and will wait for you at the bridge.

RIP Tilly sweet little girl.  xx
- By Tigerlilytilly [gb] Date 18.04.16 18:21 GMT
Thank you so much Jodi for your kind thoughtful words xxx
- By Tigerlilytilly [gb] Date 18.04.16 18:22 GMT
Thank you so much Jean for your kind thoughtful words xxx
- By Carrington Date 19.04.16 21:13 GMT
So very sorry, how utterly sad, has the breeder been told also? RIP little girl. x
- By lunamoona [gb] Date 20.04.16 08:02 GMT
So sorry, run free Tilly x
- By saxonjus Date 22.04.16 06:25 GMT
So sorry for your loss.
- By Tricolours [gb] Date 22.04.16 18:11 GMT
Sorry for your loss.
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