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- By MarkR Date 15.04.16 20:43 GMT Upvotes 2
Molly Roach, 15.04.03 to 22.03.16

"Little Mol"

When you came into our lives, on a weeks' trial, 12 years ago you had some pretty big shoes to fill. After Tabby I didn't want another dog, let alone the funny little wire haired dachshund that was you. But you weren't having any of that and soon you had me won over with your sweet, affectionate nature. I couldn't but love you.
And so you became the most wonderful playmate for a small boy and two little girls, you were everything they wanted and more! Obstacle courses in the garden, riding in the boat swing or cuddling up on the sofa, you could do it all. We are lucky to have such memories and photos of our smiling, happy children growing up together with their little dog and having such a whale of a time. Thank you Molly for giving us such fun. You really were the most delightful dog, small in stature but huge in character :)

And now that you have gone we are so very sad. We weren't ready to say goodbye, but then we never would have been. These are the days that are truly awful, there are no words... our hearts simply ache.

Bless your sweet little heart, little Mol. We will never forget you and the good times we shared.
Farewell my little friend, farewell xxx

Attachment: wire-haired-dachshund5.jpg (13k)
Attachment: wire-haired-dachshund2.jpg (14k)
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 15.04.16 22:17 GMT
She sounds a sweet girl Bless her
- By paxo Date 16.04.16 08:26 GMT
so sorry for your loss...thinking of you
- By saxonjus Date 16.04.16 10:21 GMT
So sorry for your loss
- By ali-t [gb] Date 16.04.16 11:51 GMT
Sorry for your loss Mark. Losing a member of the family never gets any easier xx
- By JeanSW Date 16.04.16 12:40 GMT
So very sorry.  She has left a whole lot of lovely memories.  In time you will remember them more than the ache you have now.
- By Tricolours [gb] Date 22.04.16 18:14 GMT
So sorry for your loss.
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