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- By Lacy Date 08.04.16 20:29 GMT
Moragden Marksman for Siouxline
28.02.2004 - 08.04.2016.

I'm heart broken, in shock & dreading tomorrow.

You were the one from our very first meeting, been my soul mate & best friend for 12 years, at my side ever cheerful through some grim times. I know life goes on but it's not going to be easy, be at peace.
- By Sequin [gb] Date 08.04.16 21:01 GMT
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 08.04.16 23:06 GMT
Always the time we dread, but they do live on in our memories.
- By MamaBas Date 09.04.16 10:38 GMT
Again my thoughts are with you at this sad time - but you did right.   He's now at peace and looking down, not wanting you to be overly sad.   I hope your other boy will be okay - try to keep your spirits up if you can because he'll pick up your vibes.
- By JeanSW Date 09.04.16 15:45 GMT
Lacy I am so very, very sorry and it doesn't help that we've all been there.  I know he will wait for you at the bridge.

Run free much loved boy.  xx
- By Carrington Date 09.04.16 17:43 GMT
So sorry. {{{hug}}}
- By Treacle [us] Date 09.04.16 18:06 GMT
So sorry.
- By suejaw Date 09.04.16 19:20 GMT
So sorry. Thinking of you xx
- By saxonjus Date 11.04.16 08:11 GMT
So sorry to hear.
- By Tricolours [gb] Date 22.04.16 18:17 GMT
Sorry for your loss.
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