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- By Tricolours [gb] Date 18.03.16 16:55 GMT Edited 18.03.16 17:05 GMT Upvotes 2
Daisy was put to sleep a month ago aged 15 years and 5 months on the vets advice and we knew the time was right. A very upsetting day but she died at home and not at the vets. We had her cremated and we are going to put her in the garden where she belongs. Daisy was a very clever dog and when training she only had to be shown something twice and she got it for life.
RIP Daisy we love you and one day we will see you again. xxx
- By RozzieRetriever Date 18.03.16 18:10 GMT
So sorry xx
- By paxo Date 18.03.16 19:11 GMT
so sorry for your free Daisy
- By Tricolours [gb] Date 19.03.16 11:21 GMT
Thank you.
- By JeanSW Date 19.03.16 16:23 GMT
I am so very sorry Jill.  I know your pain.  You showed Daisy that last kindness and that is what you have to hang onto.

Run free Daisy, special girl.  xx
- By STARRYEYES Date 21.03.16 17:47 GMT
So sorry to hear your sad news RIP sweetie..
- By saxonjus Date 21.03.16 19:25 GMT
My condolences and thoughts. RiP
- By Carrington Date 21.03.16 22:32 GMT
So sorry. xx
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