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- By andy4367 [gb] Date 07.03.16 22:32 GMT
2 weeks ago i lost my baby, she was a beautiful nearly 12 years old boxer, she deteriorated really quickly and we had to make the decision to let her go to prevent prolonged suffering.
we still have her mum, tessa who is 14 this year. but 2 weeks after i still walk downstairs to a feeling of emptiness or come home from work to the same feeling.
i have a pain and emptiness inside and a constant lump in the back of my throat which stays dry.
i have lost close family before but have never felt grief or mourned  like this.
i am not complaining about the pain or loss neither am i looking for sympathy, because all the love and fun times we spent together and the memories i will always carry was worth this feeling of loss and pain ten-fold.

i would like to thank Bodrwnsiwn vets in Mona for their efforts and understanding
And a massive thank you to The Pet Cemetery in Holywell for the kindness and help at this difficult time.

Good night sweet girl, you are missed so dearly and you can never be replaced.Xx
- By RozzieRetriever Date 07.03.16 22:52 GMT
It's so hard, but you did the right thing. I really feel for you. Take care of yourselves.
- By JeanSW Date 08.03.16 22:19 GMT
You took her pain away and made it yours.  No dog can ask for more.  I totally understand that she has left paw prints on your heart.  My sincere condolences.  I feel your pain.

Run free at the bridge Megan.  xx
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