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- By sillysue Date 12.02.16 10:58 GMT Upvotes 1
I had my darling CS Panny put to sleep this morning. She was 14 and had been on heart meds for ages, but 2 nights ago she seemed as though she had a stroke, very disorientated and upset. Twice during the night she needed to go out and each time she was so long I had to put my dressing gown on and search for her with a torch. Each time I found her curled up under a bush as though she had given up and wanted to die. Each time I carried her back indoors and snuggled her with a hot water bottle in her bed. The same happened again last night, she just laid under a bush in the frost until I carried her in.
She was still eating and pooing normally, but her brain was not working the way it should.

This morning my vet told me that this was her way of accepting that she had had enough and had given up. Had she been a younger dog there were tests  that could be done, but at her age it was only putting off the inevitable - so I let her go.

I am crying as I put all of her blankets on to wash and clear up, more for my sake than anything else, as it hurts to see all of her things around. I cuddled her as they administered the injection and told her that I loved her and talked to her about some of the good days we had, but I doubt she could hear me.
I know you will all know what I feel at this moment.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 12.02.16 11:05 GMT
It is always so difficult to let our beloved dogs go, but she will have known how much she was loved. Run free Panny.
- By Garbo [gb] Date 12.02.16 11:47 GMT
So sorry for your loss
- By Lacy Date 12.02.16 11:58 GMT
Dear sillysue, my heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry, words are inadequate at such times, stay strong & remember all the wonderful times. Have a very dear golden oldie, who I know I'll have to be making the same decision as you soon, & I well up for you & what's ahead. Thinking of you.
- By RozzieRetriever Date 12.02.16 13:13 GMT
It's such sad news, I am so sorry. But I would sooner go through the pain having had them in my life, than never to have had them at all. The fun vastly outweighs the sadness. xxx
- By JeanSW Date 12.02.16 21:39 GMT
I am so very sorry and really feel for you.  You showed your love for Panny by letting her go.  Your tears are familiar to us all.  This is a time when I really don't know how to give someone comfort, but I do know how the loss feels.  {{{{  HUGS  }}}}

Run free Panny.  xxxx
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