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- By Kathryno [gb] Date 20.01.16 14:26 GMT Upvotes 1
Troya was a stunning 2 year old Presa Canario.

She was stolen from her family home in Romiley, Stockport in the early hours of Christmas Eve. The owner of Troya noticed a slash of white paint on his neighbours fence, now believed to have marked where Troya lived. It is now believed that Troya was drugged before she was stolen.

Just after 4pm on Monday just gone Troya was found in the canal in Romiley. A carrier bag had been tied around her head and held on with curtain wire. A washing line was attached to her collar. Troya had been killed in the most disgusting and sickening of ways.

I am absoloutely gutted to hear this news. I really thought that her distinguishing looks and the small number of her breed in the UK would make her too hot to handle and enable her to return home safely. I am saddened that anyone could do this to a defenceless dog, and I give my deepest sympathies and condolences to her family who have lost their gorgeous fur baby. At least their minds are now at rest.

Run free sweet Troya.
- By JeanSW Date 21.01.16 19:09 GMT
RIP Troya.  Now free of this wicked world.     xx
- By Annabella [gb] Date 25.01.16 12:40 GMT
Yes this is so sad and very disturbing ,RIP Troya we will find out who did this to you.

Sheila xx
- By Elliemayee2 [gb] Date 26.01.16 20:11 GMT
What a sick cruel twisted way for an innocent dog to die R.I.P Troya my thoughts are with your family at this difficult time xx
- By peanut [gb] Date 01.02.16 18:01 GMT
RIP Troya. My heart goes out to her family.  x
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